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    What is Faster than Light?

    There are tachyons and FTL phenomena like gravity, Black Holes or Dark Matter, but we observe them by visible light, the conclusions are derived from the unobservable universe, quantum fluctuations are according to my opinion not a satisfactory basis for explanations -- my point is that a FTL world view is derived by theorizing mass and energy, but mass and energy in the old Einstein world view of time dependent models cannot be applied to explain FTL phenomena: here mass and energy are the same, the "difference" is within the plane of a measurement, and this is where Quantum Mechanics will help us for a better understanding: in QM there is no measurement as such, but we create a state by a measurement ... mass after (BEC) condensating is a state within Pauli's exclusion principle, fermions .......but in space there are not just fermions and bosons or purely bosonic states (gravity?): physicists have theorized a permanent matter antimatter annihilation in the near future, but here again you have time dependent modelling but FTL cannot be about time, remember that the states in a quantum computer are reversible, time reversible before you measure, get the result in the quantum gate .......the Einstein world view cannot explain this .... Now there is no antimatter as such, Dirac was still applying purely bosonic and fermionic matter and antimatter creators, have a look at Bra Ket notation and the second derivative of Dirac equations, this is still within Bose Einstein and Fermi Dirac statistics,

    ... But every particle can be matter or antimatter due to its charge identity and the swirling of the anti-gluon color in the quarks is certainly a quasi FTL phenomenon... you can analogize the universe by the atomic structure of its constituents.....


    We know that photons interact with matter and we know about pair production, there is the antimatter identity, the positron and gamma ray release (energy) again... did you notice that a SuperNova, a star with a specific mass, exceeding the Chandrasekhar limit will implode while there is black hole state initiating a gamma ray release?

    Here we go again, charge conjugation, cp-violation, the positron and the positive charge identity, Pauli's exclusion principle and fermions.... (Neutrons, neutrinos?)

    ... But Dark Matter does not interact with ordinary matter in the Higgs Field which is varying in density but more or less everywhere? There are uncharged and unused fermions in the Dark Matter Field.........

    My point is that we can dissolve the Faster than light notion by time independent modelling, time means a distance by a velocity in these models (frequency?), but for instance gravity is not a force, it is an effect rather than an affect, this cannot be explained by the speed of light, because then, you theorise transport through the quantum vacuum and you are neglecting that the photon is interacting with the quantum vacuum, unless it is a pure bosonic state, which it is not, how can there be transport as such in a FTL world view?

    I suggest to look at the neutron which has both charges, positive AND negative, does this make the neutron neutral or a neutrum?

    What about the neutrino, it was confirmed that the neutrino has a mass and a rest mass, can the neutrino have an anti in a FTL world view? The neutrino is oscillating, it is part of the dimensional transiting of the phase transition at the apparent Black Hole horizons, these ghost virtuals are responsible for the Yang Mills fields in AdS5 phase space, they are mediated within the infinity notion of the absolute zero of the quantum vacuum which can be treated like perfect fluid or super fluid, and a superfluid can be treated like a Black Hole ...



    Do you remember fractal projections of Earth by Decahedrons, fractal geometry? Is Earth flat from a "higher" dimension? Is space time flat or isotropic, isomorph? Now we have more appropriate means in order to model these quests: there is no dimension as such, but in a FTL world view we can theorise a fractal dimensional transiting within a phase transition, it is about BH states at the horizons (tessellation, Penrose tilings) and the "granularity" of the quantum vacuum..... The dimensional transiting is not a state as such but can induce a measurement, mass, it is about energy scaling.....

    The Dark Matter Field works like an insulator ...... there is a region of neutrality, is this on quantum level or in the real world, are these states stable in the real world or in the quantum world? Or does the answer to this question, which is preconditioning a real world below the speed of light depending on this precondition? Hence we were asking a question but our framework, the reference frame, is modelling 4 Vector space, 3 D and time, a freely falling frame and an inertial frame,


    Swirl Function

    Ladies and Gentleman, this cannot work, as Carl Friedrich Gauß has pointed out,

    General investigations of curved surfaces of 1827 and 1825 http://quod.lib.umich.edu/u/umhistmath/ABR1255.0001.001?rgn=main;view=fulltext

    Gauss, Carl Friedrich

    Disquisitiones Generales circa superficies


    Full Text


    Caroli Friderici Gauß

    Theorema Egregium


    Therefore I propose to model a quantum threshold.....

    .. to look upon the speed of light as a quantum threshold, to treat the photon as a segregation of space at BH horizons,
    the quantum threshold can be looked upon as a threshold between matter and energy or phases of existence and non-existence, in a fractal photonic mediation....

    What is randomness? What about the distribution of prime numbers at zero values of Riemann's zeta function... in view to the infinity mediation by Ramanujan's infinity conjecture, an inner (fractal) infinity!

    Peculiar pattern found in ‘random’ prime numbers

    Unless you need to attribute mass to the photon!

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    Scale invariance and shape dynamics for gravity are better concepts: the universe is not discrete, space- is uncountable - a dimension is about a fractal photonic mediation of the "granularity" of the quantum vacuum by a (Planck ‘Ian) density matrix.

    The Question That Could Unite Quantum Theory with General Relativity:

    Is Space-time Countable?

    Current thinking about quantum gravity assumes that space-time exists in countable lumps, like grains of sand. That can’t be right, can it?




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