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    Mass Molestation, rapes, violence, myths, media coverage, elections and fatwa, what's up?

    What is happening in our universities and cultures or
    Why don't you bring your H1B Visa "geniuses" back home?!

    Yes, highly recomended read! https://www.facebook.com/srinivas.udumudi/posts/10208002355049304 Bloodlust and Spectacle: The Truth About Women and Assault in the West That Indian Media Never Report
    Friends, something we wrote with Prof Vamsee Juluri on Media reporting of Sexual Violence in India and the West, after the recent Benguluru New Year eve incidents. It's a little long even after massive editing for Swarajya print edition. Please do read. Thanks for this! The point Uma has made (see original thread) shows that we have to tackle this problem even deeper:

    Bloodlust And Spectacle
    Srinivas Udumudi, Anuradha Udumudi, and Vamsee Juluri
    - Feb 09, 2017, 7:05 pm


    Comment by Oliver Thewalt:

    More or well policed does not necessarily mean more safe, often the contrary is the case because the problem is on a cultural level, more policed sometimes means more silenced, more ignored, more hypocrisy, more exploited for the needs of the government (for instance manipulation of elections by influencing public opinion and so forth), see for instance what has happened in South Africa, a rich region, what Oscar Pistorious did with his spouse Reeva Steenkamp, or better stated, why this has happened and why he could get along with a low penalty, look at those regions, you are not safe without police and security measures, but when you have a look at the Townships, and why the west needs all those resources in Africa, for instance Oil and Rare Earth, ...

    .... and does not care about child labor, then you may have the answer why such things like mass molestation, rapes or homophobia and so forth are widely and commonly covered by western media about so called, and this is where this article starts to show the roots for this, countries who "struggle to cope with with "progress" in modern industrialized countries", the 1st world, but less reported by for instance indian media about the rape culture at Top Universities in the USA:

    .... for the same reason that the Californian It industry thought to get rid of environmental pollution by outsourcing parts of the IT production to India, but global jet streams have brought the "pollution" back to California -

    .......it seems that Indian media do not dare to cover the rape culture at US Universities because Indians are dreaming to study there and make a fortune, but Sundar Pichai has made it and does no more care about his own roots, his own country!

    And the west, and this is obvious, misuses maldevelopment in "less developed" countries in order to take influence on public opinion at home and manipulate elections, urging pressure on its own population in order to grant more legal rights to the police, the intelligence services and the military forces to the interior, a kind of supression of its own population.

    Yes, and this is very true, let's start to debunk all those myths - where do they come from? Education system?! (!):

    "This assumption that every race or religion in the world is embarked on some linear journey in time from a barbaric past to a great future is not an universal, nor is it accurate. It is a colonial, Protestant myth, now secularised and blindly accepted everywhere. Scholars like S.N. Balagangadhara have argued this powerfully, and yet Indians, especially of the educated, English-reading, media-believing class, know little of where their beliefs recast as “facts” now have come from.

    The mythology of progress, of the ascent of civilisation, of India somehow having to “let go of the past” and get “taken seriously as a modern country”—none of this will ever solve the problem of what a culture needs to do to make sure the buses, new years, mosh pits, or whatever, do not happen to any woman again."

    Why don't you bring your H1B Visa "geniuses" back home?!


    Bangalore Mass Molestation Victim Speaks Out On Her Ordeal


    And this is what happens: we should think about how to dissolve polarizations due to derivative motifs, such as influencing public opinion or manipulation of elections - according to my opionion, this starts in the education system, at school and university, at home (what about violence at home, among familiy members?) and due to this unfortunate organization of (heterogneous) groups of populations into national states, this cannot work as it is supposed to do!

    Why don't we apply the Nash Equilibrium not only to economics (do we?) but to politics and socio geopolitics (Is there such a research area? I mean does this play any role at university level? Or have these areas been wiped out by the west?) as well? (!)

    Quote: (*The ‘fatwa’ against Assam singer Nahid Afrin that never was* https://scroll.in/article/831852/the-fatwa-against-assam-singer-nahid-afreen-that-never-was)

    "While the leaflet does categorically mention that the March 25 programme at Udali Sonai Bibi College in Lanka in Hojai district, where Afrin was scheduled to perform was “against the Sharia”, it does not as much as even mention Afrin’s name. The leaflet, which is headlined Guhari (translates into request/appeal), asks people not to attend the March 25 event. “If anti-Sharia acts like musical nights are held on grounds surrounded by masjids, idgahs, madrassas and graveyards, our future generations will attract the wrath of Allah,” it reads.

    Referring to a magic show that was recently held in the venue, the pamphlet proclaims that magic, drama, theatre, dance, etc. are intrinsically against Sharia. “If we don’t keep our children away from such things, Allah will not spare any of us,” it says. In context of the musical show that was to be held on March 25, the pamphlet warns that such an event so close to religious places would “definitely anger Allah”.

    “We humbly request you to restrain not only yourself from attending such an event but also encourage others to do the same,” it concludes.

    The 46 signatories of the pamphlet include office bearers of the Assam State Jamiat Ulama and teachers from various madrassas around the state.

    Afrin, too, told http://Scroll.in that she only got to know about the so-called fatwa, when “a few media people called up my father last night.” The controversy has, however, left Afrin highly perturbed. “I didn’t even know what a fatwa means,” she said. “For a few minutes, I thought I had done something wrong and I should give up singing.”

    What fatwa?

    A fatwa is a non-binding but authoritative legal opinion or learned interpretation that a qualified jurist or mufti, can give on questions pertaining to Islamic law. The secretary of the Assam State Jamiat Ulama, Maulvi Fazlul Karim Qasimi, stressed that no fatwa has been issued in this case and blamed the media for spreading misinformation. “Is this how a fatwa is issued? On a piece of paper?”

    The venue in question, Qasimi said, was in close proximity to religious and educational institutes and there have been instances of people creating a ruckus during similar shows in the past. “The appeal simply states that people might as well avoid the event since there have been instances of people getting drunk and vitiating the atmosphere in the past,” he claimed.

    The Maulvi insisted that the community was proud of Afrin – and the notice had nothing to do with her in particular. “It is just that she was performing in that particular venue.”

    That may, however, not be strictly true. According to Afrin, a few local clerics had also objected to her participating in the reality show where she finished second. “They had dissuaded people from voting for me, saying it was a gunah [a crime] to do so as it was against the Sharia,” she said.

    While there is little doubt that Afrin has been at the receiving end of bigotry more than once as a result of her singing, the outrage about a fatwa appears misinformed at best."


    The ‘fatwa’ against Assam singer Nahid Afrin that never was


    Next point to cover:

    Quote (*The Real Reason Why Women Were Molested In Bangalore On New Year's Eve*) http://www.mensxp.com/special-features/today/34276-the-real-reason-why-women-were-molested-in-bangalore-on-new-year-rsquo-s-eve.html):

    "A very troublesome reason. Rapists and molesters aren't always illiterate. Rape victims aren't always wearing short skirts. Rapes don't always happen in dimly lit streets and isolated areas. These women were molested on the busiest street of Bangalore with thousands of people around, FFS!

    Molestation and rape isn't always about sex. It's about power. It's knowing you have the right to someone else's body. It's knowing that you can violate someone's consent and privacy and get away with it. Can we stop looking for stupid excuses that justify rape when the real reason is staring us right in the eye?"


    The Real Reason Why Women Were Molested In Bangalore On New Year's Eve

    Neha Ramneek Kapoor‏
    Ah, of course the replies to this are #notallmen. Yes, that's what's important here. *slow clap


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    Kelly Ellard admits to killing Reena Virk, but is denied day parole


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    Ellard conviction restored in Reena Virk murder case


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