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    Why the hardest nut to be cracked in science is the ignorance on the political level


    Why It is not only hard with visible light but without empirical evidence as well!

    People and scientists who are referring to bought science and have just an education by bought or religious institutions, repeatedly bring forward an argumentation like, ....

    ... this or that would not be a scientific source in order to dodge an allegation which reveals bought science.
    They are either not able or not willing to understand and discuss the science behind, I assume that very often the latter is the case.

    Their way of arguing is on an Ad Hominem basis, their speech is full of F-Words and the like, but they are hardly or not at all discussing the science behind, even when it has made it to the "official" mainstream press, institutions and media, declaring the quantum aspect for non-relevant or pseudoscience.
    A Peer Reviewed paper in the Cornell - ArXiv System does not at all guarantee the best approach to nature available in order to describe a phenomenon or provide an interpretation for our observations.
    Many papers or theories/theorems are just being uphold in order to protect the political status, to ensure the political correctness.

    It is not a sign of a non scientific theory or argumentation when something is brought up by non-mainstream media or media and scientists who are not following the mainstream.

    I attach two exemplary cases:

    How you surely can't recover information from a black hole

    Quote by John Hewitt on Twitter: There's 2 Eisens in the progressive academic sphere and they are both total wackjobs. both want our minds controlled by microbiome. M. Eisen, PlosOne editor, has publicly called anyone watching 'Vaxxed' an accessory to murder, that tells you something of his fear.


    Scientists from a different area are very often not taken seriuusly just for this very reason, scientists with no degree in this aerea as well, despite of their talents and ability to understand and do the research and science.

    It is not only hard with visible light but without empirical evidence as well, because experiments are too expensive, have to be made in space, or need an affordable (mobile) lab.


    It is hard with visible light

    But the hardest nut to be cracked is the ignorance on the political level!

    And this is why the people or citizens of our democracies should bring this forward on order to debunk political leaders and retract the admission, commision or accrediation of involved professionals and teachers!

    Why Europe's economy needs to enable its microstructures and parents should stop to send their children to school.

    When things are being ignored for derivative reasons, they tend to be a threat to its own people.

    There are reasonable proposals for a solution of this situation available, we, the people, should enforce this before we are being urged to bear the consequences!


    Further reading:

    Why don't people recognize that Einstein was dumb like a duck, he was just promoted, abused and protected for his political correctness!
    ... and Stephen Hawking was abused as well, his handicapé status was giving birth to a billion dollar industry!



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