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    Why Europe's economy needs to enable its microstructures and parents should stop to send their children to school.

      Oliver Thewalt
      By Oliver Thewalt

      Europe can survive only when it starts to disconnect from the american way of life, allowing coexistence of property and natural change: coexistence does work only when both the natural cultural exchange is enabled and common fate is not separated - it needs a natural trust and balance mechanism -
      We have to abandon this way of life but there is no need to abolish its constituents -

      Stop to send your children to school! This has utmost priority!

      Our children were fully silenced, dampered and misinterpreted in school!
      Give them any tool and support in order to fulfil their dreams and enhance their natural talents!
      Nothing else matters!

      In an economy, the microstructures are decisive for the productivity, diversity and impact: in nature, the microstructures are enabling the 'workings' of things, when they break down the whole natural body is in danger and this is exactly what is about to happen!


        Meteor Deep Impact 

      Microstructures are about small local business, traditional professions and handicraft, the self intelligence of people:
      microstructures (microeconomics) can complement macrostructures (macroeconomics) and improve the paractical value of products - the same for the socioeconomic factors.



      Do not allow to be lead astray: the dead bodies are buried abroad, the failure at home (Western and industrialized countries, "1st world") was blended out, ignored and reinterpreted, the number of homeless people, people who were cast out, sickened and suffer from functional unemployment was just neatly cached!






      The work of employees has been excavated!