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    It is time to award the Nobel Prize posthumously to Rosalind Franklin

    The science community should retract the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine from  Francis Harry Compton Crick and James Dewey  Watson, giving it to Rosalind Franklin posthumously, and accuse Crick and Watson for racism, discrimination of women in science and murder of Rosalind Franklin, because they destroyed her career, her dreams and her life, outcasted her from society which can enable cancer ..


    ... the same in principle that the british government did with Alan Turing, his mathematical models have been decisive for breaking the Enigma Code and by that winning the atlantic sea battle, enabling D-Day and the victory against Nazi Germany .... Amen!

    The X-Ray Crystallography that Propelled the Race for DNA: Astbury’s Pictures vs. Franklin’s Photo 51

    Photo 51 by Rosalind Franklin: Crystallographic photo of Sodium Thymonucleate, Type B May 1952

    And I am sure that they have stolen more than just photo 51, Crick and Watson have been too dumb to decipher the importance and the workings of the double helix, this work was done mainly by Rosalind!

    The interpretation of DNA by western science is wrong until today

    According to my research, there could be a relation between the mental area and cancer, a casting out of society may be able to 'cause' cancer, but be aware that there no direct cause and effect chain in nature on the quantum level, because cancer is on the quantum level as an inflammation of a metastatical state (it is partly 'reversible' if you know what a quantum 'reversal' is about, it is not about rolling back something but about a measurement of a state ... it is always multicausual, and even this is not reflecting the true nature, .... it CAN happen, but it is not ought to happen.


    Cancer Research by Quantum Biology - An Introduction based on contemporary microbiology

    Information Biology by Quantum Biology - Cancer Research



    Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology



    Cancer Cells - Course of cellular evolution

    Be aware that a screening can cause cancer, cancer is closely linked to mutation and radiation and our virome, viruses

    Every human being is a random sample, the same for microorganisms, DNA is not determining who we are:

    1. p-values are debunked


    2. Look up 'Dark Matter of our genome' The demise of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.


    3. Spatial alignment and quantum properties reveal the mistakes made by Crick and Watson:

    The interpretation of DNA as a static model with base pairs and a double-helix structure is not taking into account the 'Dark Matter' of our genome. Crick and Watson were even not able to figure out an appropriate interpretation of the double helix structure (guess who has done this? http://www.biography.com/people/rosalind-franklin-9301344, DNA is just a basic pattern which permanently transforms and is being transformed by, for instance, epigenetics, proteomics, junk-dna, RNA viruses, virome, trans-splicing, transposons, prions, gene rearrangements and so forth, but the more appropriate model is a quantum state model that is not interfering in a 3D world but within topological layers and a permanent phase transition, indicated by quantum markers, in view to permanent changes, by, for instance, surface physics (for instance docking mechanism for T-Cells or Antibodies), epigenetics or protein membrane foldings. These are metastatical states on quantum level.


    Who was Clara Immerwahr?

    Women in Science - Education is universal


    Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology