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    John von Neumann

    John von Neumann   (born as Neumann, János Lajos 28. December 1903, Budapest, died 8 February 1957, Washington D.C) was such a dangerous technocrat, I am shocked, those mathematicians think they need to control the whole Earth population, by a nuclear first strike or weather control.

    Von Neumann was figuring out by game theory, that a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union could be successful, which might have been correct from a technical point of view, but this would have meant utter madness for mankind ...


    John von Neumann  - ENIAC

    .....Von Neumann was steered by antisemitic experiences as a kid in Budapest .... but a scientist is not allowed to be steered by personal feelings when it comes to decisons which are affecting whole world populations, this is a kind of a sick megalomania!


    In his private life, Von Neumann organized 'Free Thinker' parties in his house, close to Princeton University, the home of the well known Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS).


    John von Neumann House in Princeton

    Von Neumann even participated in selecting the targets for the first nuclear strike against Japan in 1945, which is a job a scientist should refuse! How could he do this that easily?

    It is true that nuclear weapons have helped tremendously to uphold a balance of power, which was enabled on part of the the US Air Force by a permanent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week air service of B52 Bombers with nuclear weapons, for years, especially in the 1960s.

    John von Neumann served as model for Stanley Kubricks character 'Dr Strangelove' in the same-titled movie.

    Von Neumann died of cancer in a hospital in Washington D.C. (Walter Reed Military Hospital) in 1957 (8 February), shielded by the Pentagon.

    His daughter Marina von Neumann Whitman served as an economic advisor for President Nixon.

    John von Neumann Der Denker des Computer Zeitalters GERMAN DOKU