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    Why strange science discredits our work in microbiology

    My recent posting to Microbiology group:


    My recent posting to Microbiology group:

    Hello dear Group, when you are wondering why I posted some movie links like 'Phase IV', the 'Andromeda Strain' or 'Blade Runner' or made an Off Topic comment in a thread by a member asking for PH D or Thesis Topics about H. G. Wells 'War of The Worlds', then this happened due to the following reasons:

    I am very annoyed about how information in the area of microbiology, bioinformatics, genetics or human medicine and the whole 'BioTec Industry' is proliferated in order to manipulate our global community, threatening people by dangerous science, and when this is not sufficient damage, they even pretend to be good helpful people, the whole hypocrisy, how universities are the forefront of a greedy industry only, for instance for Companies like Theranos.

    And they lie, the whistleblower at the CDC has proven that we were correct, for instance Dr Andrew Wakefield was correct, but they keep on threatening us, by financial sanctions and by trying to discredit our work, to discredit our whole lifes!

    These are criminals! This is a sign of organized crime!

    And the Wikimedia Foundation is still supporting people who want to control us by our microbiome! The whole nutrition industry is BSing on us, they manipulate our taste for sweet and sour, they pervert those senses, they pervert our whole lifes!

    I have seen here in this group comments of members who are forced to go to the military because there is no other way to fund themselves!

    This is so humiliating and embarrassing for our Governments!

    Do you remember the movie by Stanley Kubrick "Dr Strangelove"?
    The core facts turned out to be fully true, the USA is just a bunch or paranoid people, pretending that their way of science would induce 'truth", but it was debunked, these are religious preachers!

    For instance have a look here:
    How you surely can't recover information from a black hole

    The whole Peer Review System at Cornell is flawed!

    They do not promote talents, allow talents to be released.
    I think that this kind of 'strange science' (how can Dr Strangelove become Dr Strange? This is not Marvel-Lous!) is not in favor of our lifes, to be able to have a worthwhile time on Earth!

    They are unteachable!

    And there are many, as I called them, 'Trapdoor' arguments, like this or that would be a 'conspiracy theory', but this is nonsense, someone saying this without being able to judge upon a topic is just preventing an important discussion! And it happens always and any time, even in our neighborhoods ....

    This is from my point of view a kind of mental extremism!

    Mental extremism starts when scientists refuse to discuss important key questions, such as when the observations cannot (no more) be explained by current models, or when they exclude cultural identity.

    Most assumptions and assertions will become ad hominem then, consecutively.

    The Global View will prove us right!

    Btw. how can this be?




    Keep on educating people, it is sad that we need so much time and effort in order to debunk the nonsense crap science before we can develop reasonable things. It is about a belief!

    The happening that scientists are able to develop a technology is not disproving nature, nature in us, a technology is just a narrow temporary encapsulation of nature and was never able to do what it was supposed to do or what was pretended by the TecHolders.

    Allow talents to be released rather than instructing people with narrow seemingly 'facts'.

    Dissolve the separation of areas, for instance physics versus biochemistry is leading to nowhere!

    Allow areas like philosophy or epistemology and link them to natural sciences, as well as culture and languages!

    Water is flowing, wind is blowing, trees are growing and light is shining, not burning, time is about movement and duration, about energy scaling!

    Our minds can all be brilliant, nature has given us this Gift!