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      I think that our observations are misleading, matter does attract matter is a seemingly effect observed from the real world, but matter is not just matter, there is no matter without the "positive charge identity", the positron should not be defined as the anti-electron when it comes to explain quasi FTL phenomena, Einstein has done a bad job on this, because the terminology in physics is so much fixed with his Speed of Light = constant assertion which makes no sense in this context, kind of a tautology, what is a photon in view to space or what is matter in view to the quantum vacuum or "antimatter": This was about the old Dirac world view, but as Michael Balmer has pointed out, every particle can be matter or "antimatter" due to its charge identity, the observation of push/pull for gravity is related to the higgs string vacua, the Dark Matter Field which works like an insulator and Dark Energy, which comprises uncharged electrons. From a particle point of view, we should understand what is a proton in view to a neutron (for instance mass defect) and the neutrino's oscillation.

      I do not think that there can be a positive charge identity in the real world as such, therefore I have developed the concept of Black Hole states in view to particles (BH to particle state, this is about surfaces, horizons, foldings and a dimensional transiting in a photonic mediation).

      This is why I said that the assertion that light cannot escape a BH is just a tautology in this world view, because "existence" happens at the horizons all the time (for instance charge parity violation, former notion: Yang Mills AdS5 Phase space): Antimatter is shielded on quantum level!

      This is why I think that there is no gravity as such in this world view, a world view for BH states, preexistent states, beyond QM: Hawking said that alpha particles can escape the event horizons (Hawking radiation), virtuals, photons or even massive particles, alpha particles, but the problem I see here, is that "existence" is based on motion, duration and energy scaling, so that the very random-like happening on the horizons is inducing existence, and not the particles as such, so that you may imagine this as dimensional transiting, a dimension is an n-fractal geometric sphere (or superfluid like shape of a hadron mediation) due to the granularity of the quantum vacuum, which is about the energy set off at horizons to shapes and foldings (proton vacui), meaning an energy scaling: the assumed relation between the surface of an event horizon to the entropy of a Black Hole (Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy) is not taking into account this word view: I doubt that thermodynamics as such can happen at the horizons, but by the horizons, it is impossible to attribute an entropy state via the surfaces of horizons because a 2D world sheet cannot be attributed there: there is no folding as such possible at the horizons, no rotation, no invariance in space (see Gauß http://hixgrid.de/blog/view/66425/black-hole-to-proton-surfaces): particle creation, as Hawking has assumed for Black Holes cannot happen without photon (segregation of space, mediation, visible light) and neutrinos (quantum threshold, energy scaling, region of neutrality), but those cannot be enabled "inside" a BH, there is no inside and outside, it is more kind of a horizon threshold for the positive charge identity (what is a magnetic monopol?).

      In a nutshell, when we observe two massive objects to attract, explained from this world view, I would say it is about the dimensional transiting of the positive charge identity, before it will be a gamma ray release when energy is scaling up, to the matter consistency in the higgs field.

      Thanks Michael Balmer:
      no gain no loss (Einstein) gravity is within the higgs string field ( - e space neg!) –pull/push