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    By miscegenation with homo neanderthalensis homo sapiens has inherited the HLA complex from homo neanderthalensis

    By miscegenation with homo neanderthalensis, homo sapiens has inherited the HLA complex from h. neanderthalensis who lived in a cold zone in middle Europe at that time. The HLA complex "trains" our immune system for the Epstein Barr Virus, which is no more a direct threat for h.sapiens, but still active, as a kind of a "mediator".

    The cold as such is not a threat, but the loss of adapatability, which is indeed enhanced by our way of living in sterile heated closed environments.

    H. Sapines has no races, I consider all "homos" as one species, because the DNA folding and alignment is decisive, not the outer appearance or tiny deviations in genetics. But there is something like culturalization of DNA, which happens due to living conditions in different environments, specified by, for instance, climate, sun, atmosphere, way of living or kind of nutrition.

    Keep in mind that metabolizing prey is done mainly by our virome (viruses), but we are living in an agriculture and cattle husbandry society. Hence there is no more prey, and this is why microorganisms adapt there, for instance, small pox, and many cross species transmissons, for instance H1N1, (HxNx), SIV (SV40) HIV and so forth, now SARS and MERS.

    Moreover, a tiny climate change which happened permanently and always (see for instance Summer of 1540, reason for the extinction of mayas) can weaken the immune system (this happened for instance in the 14 century, a climate change caused a crop failure which has contributed to weaken the immune system of many inhabitants in Italy, so that Yersinia pestis could poach among its victims).

    The more a population decouples from natural living conditions and natural miscegenation, the more it loses its natural potential in genetic diversity and adapatability.

    My recommendation is to "allow" a natural miscegenation: just let people from other countries and different cultures enter your country or try to emigrate to those countries in south america, south-east asia or north africa mainly, and allow miscegenation.