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    What is mass in view to energy - The Problem with the conservation of energy on a universal scale

    The problem with conservation of energy on a universal scale turned out to be a tautology, it depends on the definition, but matter and energy, or in those (gauge) concepts, mass and energy are not well defined concepts, because it is decisive to understand, what is mass in view to energy, in a nutshell, regarding Pauli, it is about energy scaling, or "high energy physics" (what happens to fermions when the energy increases tremendously?) Energy is more about the unobservable universe, the same for matter! I think that Aristoteles was never disproved (horror vacui), because "nothing" or quantum vacuum is not that it was assumed, the photon or what is visible for us (light!) is just a "seggregation" of space, it is just a narrow belief to observe something by its "visibility" and draw conclusions (interpretation)! The visible aspects of life or nature (the "Universe") are of no importance concerning any ultima ratio or conclusion/general interpretation.

    Mass is the same as energy - mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology. ~ Oliver Thewalt

    Nevertheless, Gauge theories are appropriate in order to develop a technology, but a technology does never exactly what it is supposed to do.

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