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    Connection between SIV - HIV, Polio Vaccine, SV40, Recombinant DNA, Cancer and Malaria Research

    Reply to the Royal Society and the American Journal of Epidemiology

    The journalist Edward Hooper (The River: a journey to the source of HIV and AIDS. New York, NY: Little, Brown & Company, 2000) made one mistake, to theorize a direct connection between HIV and the Polio Vaccine (Poliomyelitis), but was basically correct!

    Remark: I apologize for having no translation of the german main text http://hixgrid.de/blog/view/66537/zusammenhang-siv-zu-hiv-recombinant-dna-malaria-forschung

    but you might use an automatic translation by, for instance, Bing Translator.

    Anyway, what I am sure of is that Hilary Koprowski has lied all over the time, for instance about that he would not have used Chimpanzee tissue, he certainly has!

    The author of this article, a reprint of the American Journal of Epidemiology, published in the Internet by Oxford Academic, was definitely wrong about some facts:



    CDC admits 98 Million American received Polio Vaccine contaminated with SV40 - Cancer Virus respectively

    I would not follow all of Hooper's conclusions ultimately, but when you are gone through all of this, you have a better impression of what this is all about, somehow scary, but from a scientific point of view, very instructive!





    The discovery of SV40 revealed that between 1955 and 1963 around 90% of children and 60% of adults in USA were inoculated with SV40-contaminated polio vaccines.



    The Polio Vaccine Contamination with SV-40 (Simian vacuolating virus 40)



    Recombinant DNA

    Recombinant DNA

    Am J Epidemiol. 1976 Jan;103(1):1-12.
    Human exposure to SV40: review and comment.



    High incidence of SV40-like sequences detection in tumour and peripheral blood cells of Japanese osteosarcoma patients

    Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer: the epidemiologic evidence for a causal association.
    In 1960, it was discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) contaminated up to 30% of the poliovirus vaccines in the US. This contamination arose because the vaccines were produced in monkey kidney cell cultures harboring SV40 between 1955 and 1963. During this period, approximately 90% of children and 60% of adults in the USA were inoculated for polio and possibly exposed to SV40. Many epidemiologic and molecular pathogenesis studies have been conducted in order to identify potential cancer risks since this 'natural' experiment began. Productive SV40 infection has the potential to initiate malignancy in a variety of target tissues. Epidemiological studies that investigated the relationship between SV40 infection and cancer risks have yielded mixed results. Studies can be grouped into three categories based on their exposure definition of SV40 infection: (1) use of vaccination or birth cohorts as proxy variables for infection, (2) follow-up of children of pregnant women who received polio vaccines, and (3) direct molecular detection of the virus or serologic detection of anti-SV40 antibody responses. A meta-analysis of five published studies did not support the hypothesis that SV40 exposure increases the overall risk of cancer incidence or cancer mortality. The analysis of specific cancer sites is largely inconclusive because of substantial problems that most studies have had in reliably defining exposure, defining latency effects, or dealing with confounding and other biases. A new generation of molecular epidemiologic studies is necessary to properly address these issues.





    Image Courtesy: Recombinant DNA and Gene Splicing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dd7M9PGhgQ&feature=youtu.be