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    Neither Cold Fusion nor fission but Cavity state mediation for either initiating gamma ray release or a photonic mediation of an adiabatic state - where are the thermodynamics?

    You can look upon this as an allegory for fusion:

    Is fission of atomic nuclei really "fission" - is this terminology describing the core of the phenomenon to be understood?

    What is the concept of reduced mass about?

    What are protons compared to neutrons?

    What is mass defect?

    What is the missing mass of the electron?

    What is a muon compared to an electron?

    What are Rydberg atoms?




    Probability Distribution of a Rydberg Atom in the 35s state of Hydrogen

    Image Courtesy:
    Leibniz Universität Hannover, Weimar Group,
    Institute for Theoretical Physics, Paper about Quantum Defect
    Tobias Thiele, T. Gallagher

    The terminology "fusion" is as misleading according to my opinion as "fission", and yes, where are the neutrons in Cold Fusion?

    There cannot be cold "fusion", this is obvious, but the cavity in sonoluminesence is worth a thought, as Julien Schwinger has pointed out, but within both there is no AFFECT, but an effect, and this is it, no feasible exothermic process beyond the usual thermodynamics.

    Rydberg Atom - Quantum Defect

    The first step is to understand why "antimatter" is shielded on quantum level and why the "positive" charge identity or the positron cannot be applied for a "gamma ray" release without interfering the Yang Mills or BEC (condensated mass) states, unless, unless you apply the "cavity" states as such, the cavity itself may be a state (applied to particles and BH, or better BH to particle notion via the "Schwarzschild" horizons (collapsing AND escaping the higgs field) to be applied (have a look at a SuperNova Implosion, there is a BH in its core). 

    What happens really when we say fusion, let's say fusion of hydrogen in stars? This does not happen without the QVacuum and it needs a quantum tunneling like behavior, an energy threshold, to happen, to happen what? Any thought about string break? To my understanding, we can model this better while taking into account the "proton surface area" and "comparing or matching it against a theoretical Micro BH area, by a dimensional transiting of ghost virtual states, the adiabatic quantum annealing exciton states may be applied in order to test a technology.

    LENR is just a fantasy, but feasible for low energy transformations, but not for "fusion".




    The next step is about a photonic cavity mediation.


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