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    Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model

    Imaginary negative mass is about the charge identity, an energy set off while "flipping"- it is a virtual quantum energy state not yet condensated in the real world by the Black Hole gluon "interference", swirling the anti gluon color, a dimensional energy transfer (release) to potentially condensate mass by a Quantum Barrier like behavior within potentially infinite ways to happen but just a random one happens within "Gauß" …. As a post Gauß Observation - measurement, Black Hole Yang Mills Condensation, BEC = stochastics: BH states are preexistent states …. hence "negative imaginary" means from E pot as a post observational energy potential from the photonic BH dimensional (gate) states (to the proton Schwarzschild horizon via negative proton or Neutron in (anti) –H1 at the apparent horizon's as a Quantum Gate State (energy release potential).

    Looking from a potentially post observational point of view what may have happened from point of view when mass is already condensated or existent: proton, folding of string vacua transferred to Pauli fermion strings - charge is more about a string vacua folding in this world view because there cannot be a positive charge as such in the “real word”.

    This is why we have to alter the Einstein world view to a Black Hole Quantum Threshold world view (time independent modelling in a BH dimensional transiting BH to gluon preexistent gluon (magnetic monopol notion)) FOLDING or BONDING topological phase transition alignment – mediating anti gluon color “taping” quarks … …. as a degree of freedom of the "System" like Quantum tunneling "through" a dimensional “barrier”: granularity of the Quantum Vacuum: a dimension is in this world view looked upon as a transferring gate for energy (release) transfer Antimatter identity.


    Scientists discover light could exist in a previously unknown form

    There is no zero as such in physics - the apparent horizons give an approximation, but "there" the photonic mediation for existence is enabled by neutrino BH States - I assume that neutrinos and photons split there as a segregation of a BH state (positron annihilation in QCD (gluons taping quarks) by photon and neutrino, assigning mass to fermions in an n-FRACTAL dimensional transition in a photonic BH to Planck Density super fluid like matrix: a dimension is about the granularity of the quantum vacuum which can be treated like a perfect fluid - dimension = fractal (photonic) [Planckian] density matrix. -> Antimatter identity is not "EXISTENT" in real world, is kind of a virtual energy state.

    The amplitude of the transverse single-spin asymmetry for W± and Z0 boson production measured by STAR in proton-proton collisions

    We can formulate this by referring to the outer shell of the electrons orbital nuclear configuration (nuclear shell model): the transfering orbits in those folding orbits, those circle maths objects like string vacua knots (neutrino frequency and oscillation, neutrino = preexistent neutron virtual, assigning or mediating Schwarzschild escaping the Higgs field horizon for fermions in the Dark Matter Field (DMF) -> proton Modelling by Borromean rings.  



    Borromean Rings


    Borromean rings - Wikipedia: "In mathematics, the Borromean rings[a] consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link (i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings). In other words, no two of the three rings are linked with each other as a Hopf link, but nonetheless all three are linked."

    Electron orbit interfering from outer shell - to inner, or flip from the outer shell to the next nuclei or release of energy? ...

    Double bonding energy release correlated states?

    Correlated states are about whether states correlate or are in a superpositional state - Efimov states, penta quarks .... exciton states, the borromean rings can interfer to the inner or outer shell:

    Photonic energy release (annihilation) or + pot energy (Quantum interference, energy scaling) according to the nucleus, similar to string break in qcd, what kind of nucleus: how much energy it may store (see also principle of mass defect) relation Neutrons to protons, conversion of energy or energy releasing.




    What I have forgotten to mention is that the shielding of the tachyonic or "positive" charge identity (it cannot be really "positive") is at quantum level. It is just a bonding potential for a photonic mediation of the gluon virtual states, gluons are an EM BH state carrier by a special folding, a string vacua folding /(anti gluon color) - these must contain quasi magnetic monopol states as a topological folding, but due to Pauli these virtuals magnetic BH monopol states hardly or "never" interfer to the "real" world as such .. but you should be able to "trap" them ......indirectly: trap the "imprint" and measure it.

    Question: is "antimatter" about the folding of higgs strings at quantum level? The shielding, the EM shielding is at quantum level: It is about the energy scaling "reference" in view to the dimensional transfer "matrix" (quantum vacuum granularity).


    This is why you do not observe EM fields in the Dirac equations. These are virtual magnetic monopol states as Preexistent Yang Mills  foldings in a dimensional topological phase transition folding: BH transferring state to the antimatter identity.

    A Black Hole State can  be looked upon as a Preexistent virtual magnetic monopol state in view to gluons via higgs string vacua foldings.

    The Antimatter identity (before it is a charge identity observed from the real world): the once transiting magnetic monoples are transiting energy (topo) virtuals.



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    Magnetic monopole is photon

    Sze Kui Ng (Submitted on 18 Sep 2002 (v1), last revised 28 Feb 2011 (this version, v6))

    It is shown that a photon with a specific frequency can be identified with the Dirac magnetic monopole. When a Dirac-Wilson line forms a Dirac-Wilson loop, it is a photon. This loop model of photon is exactly solvable. From the winding numbers of this loop-form of photon, we derive the quantization properties of energy and electric charge. A new QED theory is presented that is free of ultraviolet divergences. The Dirac-Wilson line is as the quantum photon propagator of the new QED theory from which we can derive known QED effects such as the anomalous magnetic moment and the Lamb shift. The one-loop computation of these effects is simpler and is more accurate than that in the conventional QED theory. Furthermore, from the new QED theory, we have derived a new QED effect. A new formulation of the Bethe-Salpeter (BS) equation solves the difficulties of the BS equation and gives a modified ground state of the positronium. By the mentioned new QED effect and by the new formulation of the BS equation, a term in the orthopositronium decay rate that is missing in the conventional QED is found, resolving the orthopositronium lifetime puzzle completely. It is also shown that the graviton can be constructed from the photon, yielding a theory of quantum gravity that unifies gravitation and electromagnetism. Comments: 53 pages Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th) Report number: HKBU-MATH 342 Cite as: arXiv:hep-th/0209143 (or arXiv:hep-th/0209143v6 for this version) https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0209143

    Observation of Dirac Monopoles in a Synthetic Magnetic Field

    M. W. Ray, E. Ruokokoski, S. Kandel, M. Möttönen, D. S. Hall (Submitted on 13 Aug 2014)

    Magnetic monopoles --- particles that behave as isolated north or south magnetic poles --- have been the subject of speculation since the first detailed observations of magnetism several hundred years ago. Numerous theoretical investigations and hitherto unsuccessful experimental searches have followed Dirac's 1931 development of a theory of monopoles consistent with both quantum mechanics and the gauge invariance of the electromagnetic field. The existence of even a single Dirac magnetic monopole would have far-reaching physical consequences, most famously explaining the quantization of electric charge. Although analogues of magnetic monopoles have been found in exotic spin-ices and other systems, there has been no direct experimental observation of Dirac monopoles within a medium described by a quantum field, such as superfluid helium-3. Here we demonstrate the controlled creation of Dirac monopoles in the synthetic magnetic field produced by a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate. Monopoles are identified, in both experiments and matching numerical simulations, at the termini of vortex lines within the condensate. By directly imaging such a vortex line, the presence of a monopole may be discerned from the experimental data alone. These real-space images provide conclusive and long-awaited experimental evidence of the existence of Dirac monopoles. Our result provides an unprecedented opportunity to observe and manipulate these quantum-mechanical entities in a controlled environment. https://arxiv.org/abs/1408.3133

    How superfluid vortex knots untie

    Justin Kleckner, Louis H. Kauffman, William T. M. Irvine (Submitted on 27 Jul 2015)

    Knotted and tangled structures frequently appear in physical fields, but so do mechanisms for untying them. To understand how this untying works, we simulate the behavior of 1,458 superfluid vortex knots of varying complexity and scale in the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Without exception, we find that the knots untie efficiently and completely, and do so within a predictable time range. We also observe that the centerline helicity -- a measure of knotting and writhing -- is partially preserved even as the knots untie. Moreover, we find that the topological pathways of untying knots have simple descriptions in terms of minimal 2D knot diagrams, and tend to concentrate in states along specific maximally chiral pathways.





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