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    Mind Anarcho Capital - Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer

    a phase of initiation

    - preparation for Anarcho Capital, thanks, Georg Drakenberg, Athens!

    - Anarcho Capital is for free research and researchers without a specific goal or restrictions in order to free the mind and enable outstanding research and technology transfer

    - the technology itself which is supposed to be researched will be part of its own birth process in order to overcome known structures like the blocking banking and governmental system

    Ramanujan: the sum of all positive integers can be thought of as being equal to –1/12:

    -  the initiator is the technology itself by our minds

    -  therefore we need new communication and implementation structures in a Post Silicon Valley Era in order to overcome capital intensive investments in infrastructure

    - the beginning of the phase transition in the (condensed) matter world in a beyond 3D printing world 

    - condensed matter physics with metaphysical capability at the core of this seed technology

    - we want to be incubators of the technology itself

    - we need mind technology incuabators for a new phase in seed financing and funding

    Transparent Aluminium SciFi to Science

    - our mind is the capital: we will overcome old corporate models and outsource the corporate and financial stage into the venture phase of the seed capital process itself 

    - investors and minds will merge

    - we do not need a block chain, we need a mind chain!

    Neogrid e.V. Technology Incubator