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    A Black Hole state

    by Oliver Thewalt

    There are no singularities but a tachyonic charge identity, no 3D and time but a Black Hole to photon "bridge" (the better concept than theorizing a speed of light is a speed of light threshold, phases of existence and non-existence or matter and energy), you cannot detect antimatter (is a particle matter or antimatter, even in the "real" world in a v<c regime, there is no antimatter as such because the same particle can be matter or antimatter due to its charge identity) beyond the so called apparent horizons, there is no horizon as such, the better concept is to understand that a particle is basically doing the same as a Black Hole, you may theorise exciton like Black Hole states    .....

    ....the photon is like a segregation from space in a BH to particle mediation within an mediation of stability constraints for matter by the relation of the Riemann Zeta function to Ramanujan's infinity conjecture, for instance for z = -1 <--> infinity = -1/12 ....


    Ramanujan: the sum of all positive integers can be thought of as being equal to –1/12:
    .....this can be applied to formulate convergence and divergence criteria for matter - energy and matter are "the same", the decisive question or difference is within the plane of the measurement - this is why the photon can have a mass - mass can be translated into quantum energy states - a decisive point is the "antimatter identity" in view to a photonic mediation (the absolute zero is like a quantum threshold, can be stretched to plus and minus infinity), why is there a proton in the hydrogen nucleus? Is this the same for the anti-hydrogen particle? What about the neutrino? Existence is based on a neutral charge which includes positive AND negative charge, the Higgs field is a negative field with uncharged and unused fermions ....

      ... hence Abhas Mitra is correct saying that BHs do not exist as such   .. .. In order to advance physics we should theorise BH states in view to QCD, gluons taping quarks..... The quarks are doing a swirl (swirl function) so that a proton is turning into a neutron (thanks Michael Balmer).

    In gamma rays there is antimatter - any thought about how a Black Hole could excert "gravity" "outside" (is there any inside or outside?) the event or apparent horizons within Einstein's own world view? The Rindler space may show the geometric link btw. but this concept cannot explain any "cause", for instance the " cause" for gravity, is there any cause at all for gravity? What are magnetic monopoles? What is an exciton state?

    In the world view of phases of existence and non-existence (or matter and energy in an infinity mediation (Ramanujan's infinity conjecture to Riemann's Zeta) there is no time as such but a speed of light threshold ---- matter is set in relation to the speed of light threshold in view to a tachyonic charge identity (positron) -.... the photon (high energy photon) can have a mass - there is antimatter in gamma ray bursts - time is not at all flowing - a Black Hole state is set in relation to a particle - it is not about time or time dilation (what is a measurement of a quantum energy state? comparing two "clocks" which are in fact about oscillating particles, for instance a caesium atom) in GTR a Lorentz invariant is not a Global) it is about ENERGY SCALING (neutrinos!) - a dimension is about the granularity of the quantum vacuum which can be treated like a perfect fluid - dimension = fractal (photonic) [Planckian] density matrix.

    Does a magnetic monopol "exist" "below" (v<c) the speed of light threshold?

    We do not explain here how an Otto Motor works, we have to know what we want to explain or apply, for mass, Black Holes or Dark Matter, Gravity and so forth we have to abandon Einstein's world view (invariance and covariance in an inertial (STR) or freely falling (reference) frame (GTR)): there are no 3 D or time, no circle number Pi in nature. The quasi particles (Exciton states, majorana states) will allow us to explain or describe the tachyonic world which is in fact just a (quantum) threshold value 

    Newton made a mistake assigning gravity to a fundamental force of nature, gravity is not a force. Mass is not the "cause" for gravity - the better concept in order to explain this phenomenon is to include what enables mass: a tachyonic charge identity. Gravity is an intrinsic part of the quantum vacuum - mass is the "same" as energy but we can differentiate this by the speed of light threshold - gravity is part of the quasi FTL world which is in fact distinguishable by the speed of light threshold - in order to develop a technology we can look upon gravity as a non commutative gauge field potential, but in fact, it is not about a gauge theory but about a (photonic) mediation of the antimatter identity in view to a Black Hole identity - you cannot separate antimatter from matter beyond the apparant horizons - this is because there is in a tachyonic world view no antimatter as such - every particle can be matter or antimatter due to its charge identity. The universe is not expanding at all, this observation is misleading - we have to know what we want to explain and those quasi FTL phenomena cannot be explained within a relativistic or Newtonian world view: this is outdated. What is altering is the imaginary photon to space boundary.

    Inertia is within the antimatter identity and the foundation for Pauli's exclusion principle:

    Positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin, oscillation and charge respectively.

    There are no Horizons as such: a Black Hole is basically doing the same as a particle: the assertion that light cannot escape a Black Hole does not make any sense: how are Yang Mills (SU(5)) fields induced in AdS5 phase space? Do you get now what magnetic monopoles are about? What happens when an (high energy) photon annihilates with a positron and matter? It is not that the "light" does not "escape" but that the photon is ENABLED as such at the speed of light threshold while being SEPARATED from a Black Hole state - insulator is the Higgs Field at quantum level.

    When you want to dissolve the concepts "time dependent" vs "time independent" "universe" you just have to ask yourself what you want to explain: tachyonic phenomena like for instance Black Holes, Gravity or a tachyonic charge identity cannot be explained by time dependent (or 4 vector space) concepts - to put it simply: we should differentiate between the issue to be explained (dependent variable) and the explantory (object) (independent variable): the phenomena which human beings comprise by quantum mechanics (quasi FTL, but in fact we should not theorise a speed of light but a speed of light threshold) cannot be explaind by time dependent concepts.


    via Abhas Mitra, thanks:





    ``The solutions that do away with the interior singularity and the event horizon [13, 14, 15, 16], although interesting in themselves, sweep the inherent conceptual difficulties of black holes UNDER THE RUG. In concluding, we note that the interior structure of realistic black holes have not been satisfactorily determined, and are still open to considerable debate.''

    3 authors of these papers intended to challenge my proof that there must not be any EH (R=2M) or BH. In fact all solutions which claims to remove the singularity at EH have determinants which become singular at the EH, i.e, they hide one Infinity by another latent Infinity. As one can see, eventually, these 3 authors admitted that ``UNDER THE RUG'' and still no idea about the INTERIOR STRUCTURE of BHs (after 100 years!!). And the only resolution is my proof: No EXACT BH, NO INTERIOR:

    Doran, Lobo, Crawford, Found.Phys.38:160-187,(2008) Unquote


    Interior of a Schwarzschild black hole revisited