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    Phases of Existence and Non-Existence

    The Lorentz Factor in physics cannot be applied in order to deliver an explanation (causual link, cause, affect) for a physical entity - it is  a pure mathematical equation, the link to physics in view to FTL implications is broken: Ramanujan showed us this equation which reveals the relation of the Euler Lagrangian potential in reference to the Euler identity (Geometry as a reference frame) in view to a dimensional (matter/energy threshold) transition - Lorentz and Einstein just neglected the FTL implications of (for) existence.


    The better concept in order to explain gravity is to include a tachyonic charge identity (positron) for mass and the foundation for Pauli's exclusion principle: positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin, oscillation and charge respectively. This concept is important in order to understand inertia.

    What is the difference between existence and non-existence?

    Phases of existence and non-existence are the same, the perception depends on the plane of a measurement.  What is a neutral charge? (positive AND negative!)

    The better concept than the speed of light is a speed of light threshold - what is energy in view to mass? 

    The photon is like a separation from space in a Black Hole to particle mediation.

    A measurement needs the principle of non-existence - although the wave function is real without measurement, condensation of mass in a subluminal regime is linked to a superluminal charge identity, oscillating quantum particles (neutrinos) and quasi FTL majorana like (spin) states (virtual (photonic) BH states).

    The physical zero is a threshold - region of neutrality  - between phases of matter and energy - in view to infinity.

    By linking Riemann's Zeta function (zero values distribution) to Ramanujan's infinity conjecture we get phases of existence and non-existence.

    Gravitational waves would imply adiabatic charge transmission, there was no Big Bang but a photonic Black Hole to particle mediation.

    In QCD there is a string break.

    Gravity is within the higgs string field,  a negative field, -e space neg. ---> pull/push.

    In the Dark Matter Field are no atoms but unused and uncharged fermions which do not interact with light. Dark Energy is uncharged.