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    Education and the prediction of a QCD - Black Hole connection


    Quote by Michael Balmer: "On a quantum level antimatter particles are not separate entities of matter but the same atom carrying it's anti charge - a proton and electron are by virtue of the opposing charge matter and anti matter to each other and not being the same means nothing - the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton will show you this." Unquote 


    The same particle is either matter or antimatter due to its charge identity.


    A state which has compulsory school attendance is unable to feature a democratic legitimization, with no possibility for an authentic education.


    An education system of the state does not challenge talent--it merely exercises political control, scholastic knowledge has no meaning.


    If the state took this seriously, then BAFÖG (kind of governmental scholarship and grants/funds for students in Germany) would be provided unconditionally for all, without linking it to family income or repayment.


    If the younger generation is being controlled, but they are the future, why are they not encouraged?

    Challenges made by the state are politically motivated; departments of education are a means of earning for people who exploit students.


     In addition, neither teachers nor professors have any understanding (or pretend to have an understanding) what they teach, as it is knowledge bought for technology.

    As in the example of Theranos, bought technology leads to absurd allegations and products.

    Mathematics does not describe nature, but serves to make people unintelligent through political control and a technology.

    Dirac was mistaken, since he misused Mathematics to theorize anti-matter instead of charge-identity; anti-matter does not exist as such.


    The natural intelligence of the people needs to be encouraged--instead, they are raised to be robots who receive orders.

    When even the Professor does not know about what he/she is speaking, how will his spiritual slaves know? Hardly anyone is in a position to refute this. In this manner, these anthropocentric, ideological theories lead to terrible conditions with the tools of right networks.

    The discovery of intelligence was a skilfull move on the part of these humanity-despising separatists.  







    Something like intelligence cannot even exist.


    Already, for the reasons that the ratio of a small, analytical part presents itself in the form of an approximation; even reality cannot exist.

    Ramanujan die not produce Mathematics from the Western point of view--he hardly had any mathematics education--that was his genius.


    Ramanujan did not need any intermediary steps, which was unacceptable for mathematicians in the West.

    It is not the question of whether Ramanujan can prove his genius, it is the question of how physicists schooled in the West come to prove their in part absurd theories.


    The  understanding of the unobservable universe shows us the nature of gravitation; neither space-time, nor gravitational waves exist.

    However, it is essential to understand where these fundamental mistakes come from--through the ignorance of metaphysics.

    Physics does not exist but metaphysics -  Metaphysics  comprises physics, but there is no metaphysics without physics.


    The Metaplane within the unobservable universe - Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field


    This is only a small introduction, in possibly a rudimentary way, that there are no Metaplanes, this I also know. This is only a  pedagogical helping construct, though not entirely without seasonings.


    Sugata Mitra - Kids can teach themselves

    Sugata Mitra - Build a school in the cloud


    Nature and our children are the teachers, not we. When we stop listening to them, we land in a totalitarian system.


    Genius lies in the child's spirit and nature; when we are unable to recognize this, we will become extinct earlier.

    How can one explain to these education citizens, that change in the universe is permanent, the climate change is not anthropogenic. 


     This is for the majority hardly still possible, as this would be disturbing, not the change, without this, nothing could exist!  Climate change, this theme is fully political--only an authentic education can solve this. 

     How can these people understand that length, breadth and height do not exist, nor time, when this has been beaten into us for a lifetime?

    One dimension is more like a fractal geometrical Planckian Density Matrix in a n-dimensional transition.

     This can show the granularity of the Quantum-vacuum, mediated through photons - Quantum threshold - not constant! #Dimension #Riemann #Zeta

     How will these people understand that there is no transport through space -- #mass/#Energy set-off to charge identity.

     Transport occurs within this mass/energy set-off for mass instead.

     This one can only understand when one is clear how mass exists - it doesn't in this sense.

     The measurement in relation to energy is what is decisive here: mass is the same as energy, condensed as Quantum Energy State.


     What is Energy? (Keywords: charge identity - tachyonic Black Hole identity). Vibrating strings (frequency->oscillation) connect this.


     Strings are like a connection of the n-dimensional transition: fractal and mediated through neutrinos in Quantum Foam.

     Through this strings connect tachyonic conditions about energy-scaling of the charge identity of electrons and positrons.

    This is why this accounts for Pauli's Principle of Exclusion (fermions):

    Electrons and positrons don't possess the same space in different spin, charge and oscillation--reasons for Pauli.

    What we observe is what is existent, not what it makes possible - neither the "generator" nor the "actors" we can observe!


     There is no universe -- this is a constellation of chance, and no outer infinity, but inner.

     Gluons taping quarks -> QCD  -> BH <-> particle about #AdS5 phase space #Yang #Mills

     Has someone now understood, why there is no transport through "space"? (a hint: What is an atom in comparison to Space?)

    Has finally someone understood, why there are no three dimensions or time? I would be soooo happy.

    Has someone understood now, why our education system and textbook physics are so dangerous, and why mathematics is false?


    We can observe neither  Metaphysics nor the unobservable universe; the understanding of these things are however, decisive.


    Infinity is mediated by itself over QCD, for e.g., for z=-1 (Zeta) -> infinity = -1/12 (Ramanujan)



    Understanding of infinity implies neither a constant, nor absolute infinity; rather mediated convergence/divergence conditions to stability constraints for matter (Riemann Zeta Function).


    ... therefore I predict the "discovery" of a QCD - Black Hole connection.



    Special thanks to Rima Meta - Stephen Hawking Group Admin (FB) and researcher in physics/metaphysics/philosophy in science - for translation from German.