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    The Metaplane within the unobservable universe - Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field

    Ramanujan did not do the Maths in a western way of thinking - he did not need the interim steps

    Ramanujan  was asked for a proof, he had none - but he was a Genius, he didn't need a proof, and he was correct.


    Physicists of the western hemisphere have objections: "But someone could claim something without need for a proof or experimental evidence?!"


    An Indian Clerk and Genius would reply: "But have a look at the kind of claim and the relation to the implied "metaplane"." (The "metaplane" does not exist as such, this is a pedagogical auxiliary construct refering to the unobservable universe).


    There is no specific claim at all - the infinity conjecture of Ramanujan  can be related to Riemann's Zeta Function:


    For  z= -1  (Zeta) --> infinity  = - 1/12




    How can you interprete this for theoretical physics?


    We should rethink the meaning of infinity as there is no outer infinity in the universe but inner infinity, means information is infinite as such due to its inner structure, for instance fractals. 

    A first thought is: a Planckian (Schwarzschild Horizon (BH to particle)) offset to energy...


    Tachyonic states are part of the Black Hole identity -->  world view for a photon as a Black Hole -particle, a Schwarzschild escaping-the-Higgs-field-horizon for existence.


    The distribution of zero values according to Prime Numbers in Riemann's Zeta Function  are interpreted as stability constraints for matter.


    Mass can be looked upon as quantum energy states in a v < c regime.


    For a better understading of Riemann's Zeta for matter, look up for instance mass defect and the nuclear shell model -> photonic mediation.


    Photonic mediation means in view to dimension and neutrinos:  y -> Ve -> Wf -> Sf -> DMF -> N -> Z/e  (thanks Michael Balmer)




     A dimension is a fractal geometric photonic generator of a (Planckian) density matrix  - quanta ~ quantum threshold.


    The Schwarzschild escaping the Higgs field horizon for existence (mass)  a mediator for a quantum (quanta) threshold.


    This  can be looked upon as fractal granularity of the quantum vacuum in an n-dimensional transition. #quantum #threshold 




    Gauge Theory assumes: if the wavefunction is changed by a (global) phase factor, the physics remains unaffected -


    One scalar wave waving into opposite directions at full amplitude to a finite point in space and backwards?! 

    The gauge principle states that symmetries of the Lagrangians with respect to rotations in some internal space are of profound importance.


    Noether’s theorem states that for every symmetry there is an associated conserved quantity - but there are no symmetries or asymmetries



    "Consequently, there is a symmetry inherent in any quantum mechanical theory" -> but this interpretation of our observations is wrong.


    When you quantize "space-time" at "Planck Scale" you will detect that there is a violation of Einstein's Equivalence Principle.


    So what is space-time when there is no time as such but motion and duration or energy scaling (charge conjugation via antimatter identity)?



    There is cp-violation and no CPT invariance on quantum level.


    Quote by Michael Balmer: "The equality of distribution in infinity is a localized field represented by EMFields and Matter fields...."




    .."in some areas such as Plasma Field of positive ions - balanced to antimatter but antimatter is unstable, unshielded at the quantum level ..."


    "...at the macro level though still unstable and radioactive it's quantity is sufficient to maintain it's ability not to annihilate at once"


     ...   giving it's long half life this aided by the so called dark matter field separating the EMField at that point .."  


    "... the dark matter field acts as an insulator against the annihilation process, again, this is not at every point in space of this situation"


    “... when researching this on a quantum level the antimatter particles are not separate entities of matter but the same atom carrying it's anti charge, . ..”



    "....  a proton and electron are by virture of the opposing charge matter and anti matter to each other and not being the same means nothing"


    "... the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton will show you this  .."


    " ...it may be smaller but pound for pound as the saying goes, puts it on an even field..."


    "...nature does it all the time...this is where the positron appears"

    End of quote by Michael Balmer 




    This Planckian Offest may represent the granularity of a quantum threshold (dimension) in an n-dimensional transition in view to the absolute zero (threshold between phases of matter and energy) --> rethink Renormalization and QCD -> Bjorken Scaling - Hadrons.


    What is a proof in theoretical physics by the viewpoint within a western interpretation of mathematics?


    Be aware of this: Mass is the same as energy depending on the plane of measurement or observation - the concept of mass is misleading.

    Mass is the same as energy - mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology. ~ Oliver Thewalt

    What is mass in view to energy - The Problem with the conservation of energy on a universal scale

    A proof in physics by a mathematical interpretation of quantum measurements is dependent on the interpretation of the metaplane.



    The plane of observations or quantum measurements is part of the interpretation of the unobservable  Universe or energy - metaphysics.


    Be aware: in quantum mechanics we do not measure but create a state by the measurement





    Energy is part of the matter - antimatter annihilation in the future - look up charge conjugation - charge identity - antimatter identity – Black Hole identity and tachyonic states.



    We can look upon mass as a quantum energy state.  So what is mass? How is a hydrogen atom created in the Higgs-field?


    Hydrogen atom in the Higgs-Field: the irradiation by the photon is y -> Ve-> Wf- >Sf -> DMF -> N ->Z/e  (thanks Michael Balmer)


    Quote by Michael Balmer:  "The neutrino is immune to annihilation, a neutral particle cannot annihilate"


    The neutrino  has a mass and a rest mass - the neutrino is its own anti and oscillates  -> energy  --> antimatter


    Antimatter is shielded - there was no symmetry break between matter and antimatter.


    Why is there antimatter within gamma rays and lightning?


    There is no Antimatter in the Dark Matter Field.



    A positive charge must be shielded or it annihilates, we are living in a negative charge reality, based on the electron. (thanks Michael Balmer)


    But physicists have suggested that two neutrons could also decay into two protons by emitting two electrons without producing any antineutrinos. 


    Quote by CalTech: Physicists Close in on a Rare Particle-Decay Process - : 

    The electron neutrino is Ve-, an antineutrino would be Ve+ and emit as positron - this cannot happen in nature.  (thanks Michael Balmer)



    Q: After annihilation the electron charge energy is converted to two photons that move away from the event in opposite direction? #feynman #diagram


    The structure of the universe can be analogized as the atomic structure.  (Michael Balmer)


    As long as there is charge there is interaction, no charge no interactions.


    Be aware that mathematics is an axiomatic system - in order to describe the dark matter field, we will need new mathematics!

    Now remember that QCD is about the strong (nuclear) Force - Newton made a mistake assigning gravity to a fundamental force of nature.


    The foundation of Pauli's exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin or oscillation/charge respectively (Oliver Thewalt)


    Think about the swirl function of quarks - UUD -> DDU or DDU --> UUD - is there Beta Decay in the Higgs Field?


    The quarks are doing a swirl  (function) - gluons are holding the quarks together #QCD -  the electron is doing a Zitterbewegung (ZigZag):


    We can look upon the wave function of the electron as a confined helical wave with a forward component (zig) and a reverse component (zag), that explains the zig-zag of the electron.

    Neutrinos without any mass would be a left-handed spinor, comparable to the forward zig -wave of an electron. In case they have a tiny mass and are able to oscillate, it is possible that they interact with the vacuum field as part of a reverse zag wave.

    -->  Gran Sasso, Solar Neutrinos, and Radioactive Decay Rates

     Open thread: Self-accelerating Dirac particles and prolonging the lifetime of relativistic fermions


     Dark Matter = uncharged and unused fermions in the Higgs Field  - What is Dark Energy and Gravity?


    More about this next time - #QCD and #Renormalization #String #Break


    Now back to #Ramanujan: Why didn't he need a proof? Does the circle number Pi exist in nature as such? Why is a proof by maths only void?


     Why did neither Ramanujan nor Daniel Tammet do mathematics in an interpretation by the western hemisphere?    #Metaphysics

    Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model


    Expansion of the Universe or the imaginary photon - space boundary   


    Some introductory Posts: About the Antimatter identity



    Energy and tachyonic states - from the antimatter to the Black Hole identity




    QCD - Black Hole link via Ramanujans infinity conjecture and Riemanns Zeta




    The Metaphysical plane or what maths is about - Ramanujan and the unobservable universe



    But at first it is important to have a better understanding of the

    "metaplane" or the  unobservable universe - after this comes mathematics.

    Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons


    The verification of light not bending is Shadows