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    Are there Gravitational Waves?

    This is a guest Post by Georg Drakenberg
    , Athens

    Gravitational Waves? It is reliable the detection and ''discovery'' of gravitational waves? Are we sure? Hmmm..not so..This that General Relativity predicted and defined-mistankely-as ''gravitational waves'', simply, is a sort of quantised dislocations of a wide general field wich is consisted by photons-neutrinos-antimatter particles and W,Z bozons. This whole particle-interraction ''sheet'', in Planck Scale, obtain several dislocation structures. Those structures are caused of the several fractal geometric formations and reformations, convolution and twist of this sheet, that is translated mistakenly as ''gravitational waves''. This particle-interraction field forms its own dislocations by a Self-Organization function of its quantized particle-interraction components.That is translated as gravity field and is considered mistakenly that includes ''gravitational waves''. They are NOT ''waves'', they don't be propagated in the field, they are just a sort of instant dislocations, abberations and turbulences wich cover all the surface of the sheet.


    That sort of waves was measured by LIGO were clusters of photons wich moved on the abberations and convolutions of time-space sheet. They were photons in form of ''avalance potential'', a kind of solitons. Meanwhile, the emergency of the same abberations and convolutions accomplished in ultralight speed and so, in non-measurable scales untill now. Now, about the the time-space compression, this must be repeatedly detected and clearly, and for sure it has to do with the twisted light and not with the gravitational was. Twisted light has the quality of compress time-space. Black holes outputs includes partly twisted light and partly two-dimensional holograms (event horizontal Hawking super-translations). The other is an unknown amount of information (quasi-particles, dark matter, etc). Moreover, according to Kaluza-Klein Electromagnetism and Gravity Unification Theory, electromagnetism in 5th dimension is a form of gravity too.


    So, we must include and estimate the complexity of time-space befored develop versatile sensor arrays made by new forms of metamaterials, to improve our hypotheses and conclusions. Time will give the opportunity for that, as soon as possible.


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