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    About the Antimatter identity

    How to "trap" an anti-particle when it is about an antimatter identity as a measurement issue in a BH-particle state conjunction?

    ... the same particle is either matter or antimatter due to its charge identity - there is no antimatter as such, it is about a Black Hole identity ...

    Antimatter is a phase transition that enables existence   as a Schwarzschild or Planck Density set-off: quantum energy states as mass  ...

    ...  antimatter is shielded - space has a negative charge - neutron is a kind of an anti-proton -- why is there no neutron in an hydrogen-atom?




    Recent comment on the Antimatter thread ....


    I see one problem when Ted ....http://gabrielse.physics.harvard.edu/gabrielse/overviews/Antihydrogen/Antihydrogen.html  is referring to the lifetime of the universe: the universe does not exist as such, the quantum vacuum induces existence within phases of existence or non-existence:

    what we perceive as a UNIverse is a (quantum) measurement of BH to majorana like states - there is no past or future, neither a global present, but locally as a measurement - although there is no universal observer - a universal observer would not tell mass from energy - the space to quark relation depends more on the plane of observation - the universe was never born and will never decay or evaporate or "die" due to entropy - a Big Bounce view would not alter this world view. The universe does even not exist!

    The understanding of the unobservable universe will tell you this ....

    There is no transport thru space but WITHIN space --

    I am quite sure that you will be able to simulate quite well by mathematics "universal patterns" which then can be "projected" in any possible distribution or non distribution, entropy states - any observable constellation, but what you simulated is the simulator, not the emergence within the unobservable universe - then you will be able to understand why you detect mathematics in the "universe" although there is no maths at all "encoded",

    ..... there are prime numbers, but the "reason" to detect them is that they are "generated" by the "quantum vacuum" as existence via mass or better stated the majorana like di-photon BH quasi quantum energy states, like an imprint for constraints of existence - but even this will change - therefore I coined it "holographic rear projection" although it is not holographic and not a rear projection - there are no symmetries or asymmetries - it is more like a fractal geometric generator of a density matrix ("dimension") ....

    Then you will be able to understand the reason why there is no CPT invariance on quantum level ...



     ALPHA experiment animation




    Photon - neutrino - neutron - electron - proton - Higgs - String Theory http://hixgrid.de/pages/view/67834/photon-neutrino-neutron-electron-proton-higgs-string-theory