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    Zero is not a constant - discussion in Group Grand Unification Theories in Physics - Facebook

    This is an excerpt of a discussion in the Facebook Physics Group "Grand Unification Theories in Theorectical Physics" (GUT Group) in Facebook. 

    The discussion was about the question, whether the zero is a constant.


    Students there tended to the opinion, the zero would be a constant.

    I post my reply with the comments of the researchers here, because the main link in the group has disappeared.

    This happened in March 2014


    Oliver Thewalt

    zero is not a constant: the upper value of zero can be stretched to infinity, as the lower to minus infinty, Riemann Zeta Zero distribution (zero values of Zeta function correlate to nuclei and may indicate the threshold between quantum and real world, between phases of matter AND energy).

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    Oliver Thewalt by an inverse Boltzmann distribution there are temperatures below zero Kelvin, temperature is not energy! zero is not a one point value, not a directed scalar, but indicates a threshold between energy and matter in an n-dimensional transition.

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    Oliver Thewalt http://www.mpg.de/6776082/negative_absolute_temperature

    Research | Research news | 2013 | A temperature below absolute zero


    A team of scientists headed by I. Bloch and U. Schneider from the Max Planck Ins...Mehr anzeigen

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    Oliver Thewalt to give a more understandable example: zero dollar and you have no dollar, zero Apple and you are a lucky guy :-)|

    But Nothing is not no thing, try to create zero space? in physics zero does not mean nothing, zero particles? not sure, but also doubtful, There is NO zero space in a mathematical sense.

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    Jonathan Vos Post 

    Several very good comments in a row, Oliver Thewalt!

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    Oliver Thewalt WOW! thanks a LOT, Jonathan, I have prayed for this day to come up!

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    Jonathan Vos Post 

    I apologize for the times that I am snarky. I really do admire you and how your mind works.

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    Oliver Thewalt WOW, WOW , WOW, can someone lend me a piece of red chalk to mark this day?!

    Jonathan, you always was and are my hero, but we had a bad start 2 years ago in string group and some disputes about how to treat freshmen in science, but your evaluation of someone's thoughts in science did always mean a lot for me!

    We both and all others are able to learn, I really appreciate your input and for some time I was not sure whether you think that I am just crazy

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    Michael Balmer Oliver...good point on this "in physics zero does not mean nothing" you are correct,in physics it means the equation is TRUE.

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    Jonathan Vos Post 

    Circle the day in ultraviolet ink: Me, Oliver, and Michael together again at last...

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    Oliver Thewalt Triple Like, let's celebrate a grand unification party, members invited, Mark and George are witnessing

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    Jaron Dander please correct me if wrong. So.. rest mass 0 is relative, but is not "relative mass" because relative mass is a more complex formula for mass energy? The terminology of rest mass seems very deceitful. Please be polite, I am going to try to read again

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    Mark Aaron Simpson This has been quite a day.


    Research | Research news | 2013 | A temperature below absolute zero


    A team of scientists headed by I. Bloch and U. Schneider from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich have realised a negative absolute temperature with the aid of a cold cloud of atoms in an optical lattice. A negative temperature on the Kelvin sc...




    Copy of the post with some extra comments on my wall 

    Link in GUT group

    This link in GUT group was deleted due to  unknown reasons, either by Facebook or someone else or due to technical failure.