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    There is no cause and effect in the real world

    There is no cause and effect in the real world - this is just the same within the quantum flux - there, in the quantum foam, is the causation -

     ... it is separated there as existence generator via matter antimatter lensing which is responsible for mass being able to come into existence in the real world, means as a -> probability distribution to exist - 

      but does NOT induce existence --
    Mass is not responsible for gravity but the way mass is able to come into existence - means as Quantum Energy states -
    .... mass is starting to phase out of existence (means from being ruled by probability) when approaching the speed of light threshold, it becomes INFINITE, therefore it can no more create existence in the quantum vacuum as mass, it touches the upper and lower link of the absolute zero - via energy scaling - as Quantum Energy states within the generator of existence - the quantum vacuum which is matter - anitmatter annihilation  in the " ->future"  .....
    .... this has no reference to "time" but is a planckian or schwarzschild set up (of 1/2) as a zeta (Riemann Zeta Function zero values distribution) regulator of the threshold -  ....
     .... the PHOTON, mediated by  Q(uantum) - R(eal) world  - mediators: Majorana and Weyl quasi particles,  creating efimov like states --
    There is no euclidian area WITHIN space, there are no dimensions like height, width or length in space - there is no time as such ...
    ... Time is transposed as energy set off towards mass, enabling the matter creation  (via unused and uncharged) fermions in the Higgs field, mediated by quantum energy states, the quantum foam photon and its quasi majorana oscillators gauging it: the neutrinos  - which are Quantum particles.
    ... space is "dot" per "dot" "entangled" within its own "generator" -
    Energy is a matter - antimatter off-set within a Planck Density -
    ... there is no transport through space but WITHIN - quarks to space (also: quantum cosmology is false) - entanglement means "passing" those states - so there is no relocation in the real world    ....
    NO CAUSE and EFFECT  ...
    ... cause and effect cannot create existence, they are merged - time is "passing" discretionary  energy set up states in the real world --
    .... time is not covariant to speed, but mass (quantum energy states) is approaching the Quantum-threshold -starting to phase out --
    Hence, you never relocate a vessel in space, but -  as Mark Aaron Simpson said - there is an inverse connotation - the transport is within the states (quarks to space), but not in the real word ..
    ...the set up is responsible for inertia - mass needs a finite  connotation between space dots (particles as Schwarzschild radius) and Black Holes.

     Do the maths? Einstein was not able to understand this - therefore he was chosen - they needed someone who was just naive enough  ...
    Sorry, no Riemannian manifolds, no Minkowski space, no Hilbert space .... there is energy - and mass, and this is  (nearly) the same.
    The main "difference" is within the plane of the measurement!
    The theory that you might cause a storm by a butterfly is wrong, there is no causation chain, you cannot trigger this by that - BUT
    .... it is similar to the way a rogue wave is coming into existence -- the nonlinear quantum properties enable this -- the quantum energy states are responsible to overcome a quantum threshold -- within  emergent states
    when this theory is correct, we might be able to induce mini gravity "effects"  (epr wormhole LIKE, but not really this) WITHOUT mass, we just need to apply the matter -antimatter mediators and the inverse space connotation!!!
     The main "difference" is in the plane of the measurement.


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