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    Mass, Quantum Energy States and why there are no gravitational waves

    There is a deep link between "gravity" and mass, and mass and "Quantum energy states" (think of Black Hole Lensing and the matter creation process in the Higgs-Field) which are enabled by permanent quantum measurements (think of the difference between "existence" and a stochastic probability distribution) ... so that it is worth a thought why in our observational plane the photon is its own anti and gravity is coupled to those Quantum energy states which condensate as mass by the photon, neutrinos and the (electro)weak and strong (nuclear) force  (->QCD): isn't the photon and this coupling factor, and by that what we observe as the speed of light, coupled to a Planck density which enables this process?

    This is why I wrote this:


     ....In my opinion, a major confusion about the discovery of the higgs or how many higgs there might be and what finally induces mass, is caused by a misconception about an interpretation of observations within a plane which hardly can fully be responsible for inducing mass as Quantum energy states in the real world (v < c), which moreover are induced by permanent and ongoing quantum measurements.


    A proposal to look upon this are Black Holes which are rear projecting quark-antiquark pairs into a 2D world sheet (Black Hole Lensing).


    ... I have skipped here the matter creation process in the Higgs Field .... ....


    This is why the quantum vacuum does not exist (higher plane, look at Hawking's recent theory announcement), but is inducing existence - so that you always compare 2 quantum measurements (e.g in Special Relativity). When quantizing space-time at Planck Scale, you'll detect that there is no time as such.


    The quantum vacuum is according to this proposal inducing existence in the real world via Black Hole Lensing (higher plane) by mass.






    Now, please rethink this concept of "gravitational waves"

    Physics is changing




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