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    Redemption - Science and cultural identity

    We are the ruling species on this planet and bear the responsibility for all inhabitants and this planet?


    Do we really take care of ourselves? Are we really ruling this planet? Or is this just our observation?


    Are you master of your own brain or is this the unconscious mind?


    Have a look on your intestine: who is ruling there if not microorganisms?

    Do we have a clue about what is life?

    These "primitive" indigenous cultures - do we have to prevent them from faithlessness, impose on them our belief and our "true" God, do we?


     Let's protect them from this fierce nature, and in case they do not obey just kill them!? Is this our responsibility?




    Who is judge? Who wants to be judge?


    How can we take over responsibility on nature if we:


    have not understood nature, cannot rule over nature and cannot change nature?


    Well, we have changed the climate of this planet and now we have the responsibility on climate change? Do we? Are we that powerful to change the climate? Nope!


    Nature does not take prisoners on the street of evolution.


    There is no good and evil in nature, there are no good or evil people, this is a subjective perception - What is existent only is cultural identity!


    People who think that they are "good" can be very dangerous!


    Remember those Nazis during WW2, the same day after they have shot or tortured to death everybody who was declared to be "rassisch unrein" (racially impure), in the afternoon- the KZ guards were walking together in the pretty landscape, singing songs (Völkische Lieder) or playing card games and so forth, they all thought about themselves that they were "good" people!


    This mechanism of an artificial society or disconnected culture (disconnected from nature or any authentic cultural identity) is very important to know in order to understand what is happening in science or so called "modern" societies:


    They literally define the values or boundaries within  life exists or is desirable!

    But life has very probably evolved in space by surface physics and irradiation of nuclei in the quantum vacuum (research bet hedging, lattice gauge theory, penrose patterns, hydrogen in space, quasicrystalls, spacial alignment of dna, PNA, microorganisms which change their nutrition (energy conversion) to aluminium on a space suite, or iron as biological element (http://phys.org/news/2015-06-iron-biological-element.html,  vivisection of GFAJ-1 - http://hixgrid.de/pg/bookmarks/read/37733/vivisection-of-gfaj1-is-complete,
    so that the range within life may exist is very broad - we may stumble upon life which we even do not recognize as life!

     There is no specific transition between physics and biochemistry (this is emergence), except that autopoietic selforganized biology reduces the impact of chaos and entropy (slowing it down), and slows down the impact of energy conservation to stabilize a partly complex self-learning and partly reversible system that is quasi-anticipating an environmental change by mutation.


    Now, have a look again on this: http://hixgrid.de/pg/bookmarks/read/37737/crispr-the-disruptor


    And never forget: there are no "facts", there is no "truth":


    What did Einstein mean by saying: "If the facts do not fit the theory, change the facts"?!


    "Facts" in science are just derived by a quantum measurement, which implicates a specific probability (or Gauß'ian distribution curve ("sigma" refers to a standard deviation as a statistical measurement of a divergence, indicating whether the chance of an effect to happen that was measured  is just randomly) in order to generate repeatable results within a stochastic probablity distribution, but locally and temporary, which changes due to quantum fluctuations: there are no constants in the universe: they do all vary with space (or motion) and "time" (or duration) (Planck Density, fine structure constant alpha, Boltzmann constant, etc).

     In fact, you always compare two quantum measurements - moreover, the quantum vacuum is inducing existence by Black Hole Lensing, for instance via mass (http://hixgrid.de/pg/blog/read/37856/black-hole-lensing-and-existence-by-holographic-retrojection.