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    Light - bending - gravitational lensing - photon

    Comment by Oliver Thewalt to this note of Michael Balmer about Light (bending?, gravitational lensing):

    For my understanding, and I have an idea why you have formulated this great note in this way, we observe gravitational lensing, but (and I know that you know this) the main reason is an interaction between a "transformed space vacuum" (means mass or matter) and a partition of space vacuum at the speed of light, the photon, which induces a mass, which we may not measure in Einstein's inertial frame, but which (the mass or non-mass of a photon, the quanta) Einstein could not dissect from gravity in his field equations because you need the quantization of space vacuum (quantum vacuum  ->  https://twitter.com/GeorgeShiber/status/609120977251774464, means the transition into the quasi tachyonic quantum vacuum in order to explain gravity (matter tells space how to curve, space tells matter how to move is our observation, but the explanation is WRONG!).



    If you make the observational transition into the quantum vacuum, the photon INDUCES MASS!

    Now you see why it is not obvious that the photon has a mass: the universe has no mass, it induces EXISTENCE by mass, and the photon as a dissection of the quantum vacuum at the --> Planck scale (not a constant!!) is inducing mass at the Speed of light threshold --> the distribution of zero values in Riemann's Zeta function provides stability constraints  for atomic nuclei...

    Note by Michael Balmer (on Facebook):


    This discussion is not just about the properties of light, whether it is a wave or particles or both,the main issue today is "bending",the bending of light gives rise to a couple issues,first there is "Lensing",then there is reflection,refraction and a number of other phenomena along these lines that would not be possible without the "bending" of light, so what do i mean?

    Typically in space light will travel in a straight line unless or until an encounter or an interaction,these two effects are different yet the same to degrees,an interaction may result in situations such as absorption,sharing of energy,decrease or increase in energies while an encounter may result in the fore mentions. 

              The most accepted cause of light bending,and of course this is a concept of Relativity being Gravity,so,we picture a beam of light traveling happily along it's merry way through the cosmos at the speed of itself when it happens upon a matter field or maybe just a lone planet,which by the way is unusual but never the less there it is and depending of the depth of it's gravity well will determine whether the light is bent as it dips in and out of the well in it's travel and of course depending on that dept is captured.    

          The most accepted verification of this light bending would be Lensing and then the color shift,with many verified experiments to these effect we accept this as truth,however...for those that are aware of me know how i feel towards Variables and there are some in deed in those experiments and the concept as a whole,we will touch on those shortly.        

      I would like to make some observations on this issue of light bending with some examples unfortunately i do not have any.you see i have never observed the bending of light,i have been in a room where sunlight enters and fills most to all the room,i have been in a room where there is man produced lumination and in both these cases i have observed the verification that light as a wave will fill a void unless hampered by obstacles such walls or closed doors,in affect,light likes to spread out as with water or other fluids,you see,light is a packet of quanta and single photons cannot bend because they have no mass,which is a sticky point for me since i assert there is mass though small in quantity,now i am aware of the experiments being performed in labs everyday,even today somewhere, but  i would like to have these experiments reclassified from light bending experiments because it is not light but a form of light termed,the usage is with lasers and the bending is done with the applications of more apparatuses, and in deed light...or lasers are being bent in this manner but it is not natural,so when papers and test results are tabulated they should have an asterisk to state it is not naturally an effect,we need to clear the ever blurring line between physics and technology,technology comes about of physics,it is not physics.        

      So let us return to the natural occurrence of light bending,there are some examples as i mentioned that are closer to the ground and i do not what to omit the refractive aspect of this,the glass of water,the atmosphere illusions of bending,look at a rainbow,now there is an example of light bending...no but it is not,it is a two dimensional...illusion,it is not a stream of light bending but the effect of light reflecting and or refracting on the moisture of the air in that location,the light is actually intersecting molecules,so  back to where the light is moving merrily along in space where the lensing and color shift occur,there is one very powerful assertive proof given for light bending and that are eclipses,lunar or solar,the passing of the orbitals within the solar system and of one another is another,but for this very powerful proof of lensing,it is actually even more powerful proof of it not bending,the proof of bending through the lensing effect is the halo,the halo is created...and this is going to require your location to the event...as light passes it bends around the incident object,lets test this lensing/light bending for ourselves,we draw a circle,next we draw intersecting lines at the circle latitudes,this represents light hitting an object,now lines north and south of the poles,maybe three above and below,these are the passing light,what we see is that only the lines on the horizon planes may have the chance of bending around the object,but here is a question,why would the lines of 90 or 60 degrees latitude bend rather than refract or reflect,possibly interfering with the pole lines causing a halo effect or lensing?or as i asserted light wanting to spread out in a void,again reference frame is everything in this issue,being frontal aligned with the object you get to see this effect,being to one side or the other and or behind you will see nothing,no bending,no halo,then we say the verification is a non to frame of reference.      

         Which brings us to the color shift,but we will not go to it unless someone would like to...it's unnecessary,about as long as this statement.so then what is the solution?there isn't one beyond disregarding the whole notion that light bends and you are not here just to hear that as a summation,so i will leave it with this............................"The verification of light not bending is Shadows "