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    Special and General Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein is meeting the quanta

    STR (Special Theory of Relativity) indicates  a covariance of time to velocity of an object (matter with mass) in motion within an inertial system.

    The twins pardox is not a paradox: time dilation is due to the constant speed of light in vacuum, symmetries and laws of energy conservation, so that time "slows down", but time dilation is a result of the comparison of at least two quantum measurements. Each twin does not recognize a different "aging" process (In GTR (General Theory of Relativity) a Lorentz invariant is not a Global). 


    Gravitational Mass - Inertial Mass - Energy - Einstein Equivalence


    Do moving clocks always run slowly? by John Baez

    "Some people argue that this idea of clocks running slowly or quickly in Stella's frame is nonsense; after all, they say, how can a decision made by Stella to brake cause Terence's ageing rate to change? But this is not what relativity is saying; of course as far as he is concerned, Terence is unaffected by Stella's braking! While an analysis of cause and effect can readily be made in the context of relativity, such an analysis is not required to describe the ordering of events in Stella's frame. And statements such as "this clock runs slowly" and "that clock runs quickly" are just that: a description of the order of events in Stella's frame." Unquote

    And: Proper Time 


    In relativity, proper time is the elapsed time between two events as measured by a clock that passes through both events. The proper time depends not only on the events but also on the motion of the clock between the events. An accelerated clock will measure a smaller elapsed time between two events…"


    Hence, time slows down" when a "rocket" is accelerating or travelling to outer space with a specific velocity: we can observe that the atomic clock shows a different value compared to a clock on Earth, but this is not dependent on a movement of an observer on Earth: ("time" measured by the second atomic clock), the measurement may alter in case the observer would not be on Earth but travelling in an, say opposite direction, but this is an  issue about energy scaling, measured by a quantum measurement - time for the second observer is not altering locally -  an observer on the second rocket would not recognize this!

    Hence, it is not true that "Nothing is FTL due to time dilation" but that time dilation is due to the constant speed of the photon in space vacuum ...etc. 

    It is necessary to factor in the  quantization of spacetime at  Planck scale!

    It seems that many people are mixing up the reference frame in General Relativity (GR, effects by using a freely falling reference frame) with the reference frame in Special Relativity (SR, inertial frame).

    The Twin Paradox: The Equivalence Principle Analysis



    ... and by that proper time with a concept of "absolute" time in view of:

    Clock hypothesis

    The Clock hypothesis resolving lenght contraction

    Length contraction

    by: Quote: "The clock hypothesis states that the extent of acceleration doesn't influence the value of time dilation. In most of the former experiments mentioned above, the decaying particles were in an inertial frame, i.e. unaccelerated. However, in Bailey et al. (1977) the particles were subject to a transverse acceleration of up to ∼1018 g. Since the result was the same, it was shown that acceleration has no impact on time dilation.[27] In addition, Roos et al. (1980) measured the decay of Sigma baryons, which were subject to a longitudinal acceleration between 0.5 and 5.0 × 1015 g. Again, no deviation from ordinary time dilation was measured."

    In view of information theory and effects of different paths of information being out of synchronization via photon/space interaction and space properties, we can analyze this by the same way as saying that a freely falling reference frame  WOULD induce a (hypothetical) universal time, in case this would be an overall entangled frame down to an inertial frame (STR), but this is not always true (except when space and particles are entangled, so that a Lorentz invariant is not a Global, because an inertial frame is not congruent with the global "universal" freely falling frame.

       EXCEPT for a quantization of framing limits into an infinitesimal amount of tiny local frames at Planck length:  ->  violation of Einstein's Principle of Equivalence is due to this quantization of "steps" (the quanta) and by these measurements (hence inertial mass does not always equal gravitational mass depending on this!)

    btw.: The “New Rules for Time Travel ” and Sean Carroll’s Gate

    Quote of Michael Balmer, about Dark Energy

    Michael Balmer's Notes: Dark Energy


    Gravitational Waves

     "The biggest problem with determining what dark energy must be is, we are looking at it as energy and it is not energy,


    It has the energy to do what it is postulated to do, but it is not energy, you see Einstein's biggest blunder wasn't the Cosmological Constant,it was the term of "energy" he used,where in the application it was used,where he used it to describe, was mistaken for an Affect, when it, as with gravity is an Effect.

    What is dark energy?What is energy?we can answer this easy enough because we have always known the answer,how do we measure energy?inAmps,Volts,Farads,Joules,Newtons,Coulombs etc,etc,with one simple word and without it, nothing can exist..... CHARGE."


    I assume that energy is related to electron-positron spin working as a kind of a "spin-shield" (Black Hole Lensing) and by that enabling the quantum vacuum (matter-antimatter annihilation in near "future", quantum fluctuations) to form a matter gauge field or grid (positrons mediated FTL  enable Pauli's exclusion principle):

    Antimatter is shielded (EM-Shield), and space topology works like a partition, I think that this is  due by FTL mediation of positrons buliding up a "spin "shield" (foundation for Pauli's exclusion: The foundation of Pauli's exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin,  oscillation or charge (charge identity) respectively)).

    ... and being involved in the matter creation process (dark matter) --> spin -->gravity .. (I am skipping some details due to educational logic).

    What is spin? fermions have a spin and spin related properties (quanta properties, LS coupling, magnetic spin and some more), but what about fermions in the Higgs Field? They do not interact with ordinary matter unless, unless what?

    And by that they are becoming ordinary matter.

    -->fields in a modern interpretation beyond Landau Lifschitz formalism in flat space.

    The verification of light not bending is Shadows

    his is why Einstein's STR and GTR are debunked, as predicted!

    His main work was about the photo-electric effect, which was correctly gratified by the Nobel Committee.

    Mass is the same as energy - mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology.  ~ Oliver Thewalt

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