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    Question: Is Antimatter being made inside a Black Hole?

    It does not depend on which "side" of the apparent horizon(s) an observer is staying: on each side (inside or outside: an observer cannot detect that he (a human being or a particle (measurement process) is "inside") an observer is concluding that "inside" it is antimatter.


    And I want to state this more precisely:


    According to my opinion, this statement is not just refering to the antimatter that we detect on the observable plane of existence of a Black Hole's apparent horizons, it is the "lens" of a Black Hole, that is working on both planes of existence (means only both planes being existent are enabling a stable universe), that enables antimatter, and by that matter (quark-antiquark pairs), to come into existence by this partition (via Pauli's exclusion principle (and faster than light (FTL)  mediation of positrons) and the speed-of-light-threshold), as a kind of rear-projection in form of mass via quantum measurements.


    The foundation of Pauli's exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin or oscillation/charge respectively ...
    and because positrons are mediated quasi FTL.


    by Oliver Thewalt

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    Comment by Michael Balmer on the Antimatter Thread as an excerpt:



    Michael Balmer, 01. Jan 2015, 10:21 AM

    " matter,antimatter,dark matter,what about dark antimatter?what puts this all in conflict and turmoil is each persons subscribing to the term,in Susy it is the anti-"partner" some say the opposite charge sign,some just think it is the evil twin out to get us,the opposite of the normal be it in observation of the negative or the positive it doesn't matter,the equality of distribution in infinity is a localized field represented by EMFields and Matter fields,in some areas such as Plasma Field of positive ions it is balance to antimatter but antimatter is unstable unshielded at the quantum level and at the macro level though still unstable and radioactive it's quantity is sufficient to maintain it's ability not to annihilate at once giving it's long half life this aided by the so called dark matter field separating the EMField at that point,the dark matter field acts as an insulator against the annihilation process,again, this is not at every point in space of this situation,when researching this on a quantum level the antimatter particles are not separate entities of matter but the same atom carrying it's anti charge, a proton and electron are by virtue of the opposing charge matter and anti matter to each other and not being the same means nothing ...

    ...the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton will show you this, it may be smaller but pound for pound as the saying goes puts it on an even field,now you can charge conjugate an atom and classify it as antimatter as well...nature does it all the time...this is where the positron appears"



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