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    Michael Balmer's notes: Time until Matter

                 Time until Matter,a very strange thing to say,even more so when in a crowded room and even more so not being the topic of the conversation, but here it is the topic,even still way say it.

                  since Time is a problem in the physics though many equations describing concepts and real qualities are time dependent, it is a problem,the problem being an absolute define to the term and it is a top five mystery in physics,evident by the question "what is time ",so,we start with Matter,just as perplexing but being a tangible it has a basis to ascertain a better meaning and understanding.


    Quote from Wikipedia: 

                 All the objects from everyday life that we can bump into, touch or squeeze are composed of atoms. This atomic matter is in turn made up of interacting subatomic particles—usually a nucleus of protons and neutrons, and a cloud of orbiting electrons. Typically, science considers these composite particles matter because they have both rest mass and volume.

    By contrast, massless particles, such as photons, are not considered matter, because they have neither rest mass nor volume. However, not all particles with rest mass have a classical volume, since fundamental particles such as quarks and leptons (sometimes equated with matter) are considered "point particles" with no effective size or volume.

    Nevertheless, quarks and leptons together make up "ordinary matter", and their interactions contribute to the effective volume of the composite particles that make up ordinary matter.


    this is an excerpt from Wikipedia


                 As I stated, it is a tangible, and Matter is the combination of atoms providing structure, this is not really a hard concept to subscribe to accept as true, starting from the Quarks and gluon ... to date ... that creates the atomic structure to molecules of the combined atomic structure, this gives the phases of the structure we refer to as Matter...gas,liquid and solid...did I leave out anything? No i think that is it.

                 Now matter is the basic form of existence, with these derivatives we have the basis of all observable entities,what we cannot observe is a matter of size just as what we can see is a matter of size whether 10^ -6 or 10 ^ +6 it is all Matter, there are all of atoms...or the elementary form.

                 Lets continue on to the Time aspect of the note..along the way however, we may have to stop to contemplate other data,such as other or another form of Matter.



                 E = mc2



    Thus, this mass–energy relation states that the universal proportionality factor between equivalent amounts of energy and mass is equal to the speed of light squared. This also serves to convert units of mass to units of energy, no matter what system of measurement units is used.


    If a body is stationary, it still has some internal or intrinsic energy, called its rest energy. Rest mass and rest energy are equivalent and remain proportional to one another. When the body is in motion (relative to an observer), its total energyis greater than its rest energy. The rest mass (or rest energy) remains an important quantity in this case because it remains the same regardless of this motion, even for the extreme speeds or gravity considered in special and general relativity; thus it is also called the invariant mass.

    On the one hand, the equation E = mc2 can be applied to rest mass (m or m) and rest energy (E) to show their proportionality as E = mc2.[2]

    On the other hand, it can also be applied to the total energy (Etot or simply E) and total mass of a moving body. The total mass is also called the relativistic mass mrel. The total energy and total mass are related by E = mrelc2.[3]

    Thus, the mass–energy relation E = mc2 can be used to relate the rest energy to the rest mass, or to relate the total energy to the total mass. To instead relate the total energy or mass to the rest energy or mass, a generalization of the mass–energy relation is required: the energy–momentum relation.


    excerpt from Wikipedia



               Confused with this excerpt? You should be,then why put it there?  Einstein told us there is no difference in Matter and Energy and i agree but with one extra thought...neither are tangibles so they are the same,I give the define of mass as the area of space an entity occupies or...influences and energy is the term used to describe the ability of the system to perform, but we are not discussing mass but it is one one stops along the way as with energy, why?

    Because these are considered the two forms of matter implying matter (at rest) as the lower and energy the higher.


    In physics, energy is a property of objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions, which can beconverted into different forms but not created or destroyed. The joule is the SI unit of energy, based on the amount transferred to an object by the mechanical work of moving it 1 metre against a force of 1 newton.[1]

    Work and heat are two categories of processes or mechanisms that can transfer a given amount of energy. Thesecond law of thermodynamics limits the amount of work that can be performed by energy that is obtained via a heating process—some energy is always lost as waste heat. The maximum amount that can go into work is called the available energy. Systems such as machines and living things often require available energy, not just any energy. Mechanical and other forms of energy can be transformed in the other direction into thermal energywithout such limitations.

    There are many forms of energy, but all these types must meet certain conditions such as being convertible to other kinds of energy, obeying conservation of energy, and causing a proportional change in mass in objects that possess it. Common energy forms include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the radiant energy carried by light and other electromagnetic radiation, the potential energy stored by virtue of the position of an object in a force field such as a gravitational, electric or magnetic field, and the thermal energy comprising the microscopic kinetic and potential energies of the disordered motions of the particles making up matter. Some specific forms of potential energy include elastic energy due to the stretching or deformation of solid objects and chemical energy such as is released when a fuel burns. Any object that has mass when stationary, such as a piece of ordinary matter, is said to have rest mass, or an equivalent amount of energy whose form is called rest energy, though this isn't immediately apparent in everyday phenomena described by classical physics.



    excerpt from Wikipedia


                      Now here is a concern,with a photon, it is by equation, energy,this would have to imply the photon is the highest form matter can achieve, problem...though it is postulated and accepted, the entire Electromagnetic Spectrum are photons, yet Radio is at one end and Gamma at the other end, so with Gamma at the highest point we can detect, should it not be specified Gamma and not just Photon ,they are not the same photon as visible light,but is it really the highest?

    Photon or Gamma Photon? we can say yes and limit our understanding or at least to deter advancements of Physics, as a one room school house or continue to add level to level and have a growing skyscraper of knowledge to reach the stars afar.


                       Here i will give a diagram and as always, diagrams,quotes and notes must have permission to be shared as they are exclusive property of me, Michael Balmer, that being said.....






                          this is a graph of the Matter Structure, what this graph shows is the highest to lowest forms matter can achieve, the "Degrees of the System"

     T=time, 0= Vl or visible light and M=matter, along the points are the varying degrees of the system,



                                                                           -------------- ^ ^



                          The EM-Spectrum imposed shows the position of "Energy" though this term is not applicable to the graph,nthe correct term is "Charge".

    Gamma to Radio as the known concept applied, along the graph is each theory, concept, postular, premise and assertion in physics today,





    Einstein's physics: spacetime[edit]

    Main articles: special relativity (1905), general relativity (1915).

    Albert Einstein's 1905 special relativity challenged the notion of absolute time, and could only formulate a definition of synchronization for clocks that mark a linear flow of time:

    If at the point A of space there is a clock, an observer at A can determine the time values of events in the immediate proximity of A by finding the positions of the hands which are simultaneous with these events. If there is at the point B of space another clock in all respects resembling the one at A, it is possible for an observer at B to determine the time values of events in the immediate neighbourhood of B.

    But it is not possible without further assumption to compare, in respect of time, an event at A with an event at B. We have so far defined only an "A time" and a "B time."

    We have not defined a common "time" for A and B, for the latter cannot be defined at all unless we establish by definition that the "time" required by light to travel from A to B equals the "time" it requires to travel from B to A. Let a ray of light start at the "A time" tA from A towards B, let it at the "B time" tB be reflected at B in the direction of A, and arrive again at A at the “A time” t′A.

    In accordance with definition the two clocks synchronize if


    We assume that this definition of synchronism is free from contradictions, and possible for any number of points; and that the following relations are universally valid:—

    If the clock at B synchronizes with the clock at A, the clock at A synchronizes with the clock at B.

    If the clock at A synchronizes with the clock at B and also with the clock at C, the clocks at B and C also synchronize with each other.

    —Albert Einstein, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" excerpt from Wikipedia




    We move along to Time...this is where all the problems of physics come together,the above excerpt is of the mechanical aspect of time (clock) our so called 4th dimension, and General Relativity...but to unite space and time one must truly have time as a tangible entity or space becomes a non tangible entity or they are not the same,for me to postulate time as space i must first make time an entity, to that point i assert time as charge and the highest state matter can achieve,this graphs time as a frequency and though it has no motion nor direction of motion it must be at rest, but not rest as in zero motion but in interaction,problem..applying this to known physics a charge cannot be at rest, and that is correct,however ...the conservation of charge in that it cannot be destroyed but reformed ... upon interaction and not  ...even with matter/energy...on it's own.


                           We get confused or misinterpret data or the philosophical aspects of time in the daily routine,there are 24 hours on the clock day,as I put it 8 to sleep, 8 to work and 8 to play, there is the time it takes, the time we have, the time we don't have, the time we wished we had, the time wasted, the time gained.....hmmm have to think on that one...the time lost, the time that makes days, weeks,months, years, time, time, time, so many uses this imaginary friend, it passes slowly when we are in a hurry and oh so quickly when we are not, moving back to the topic of Time, not the clock, but the essence of time, the real time we would like a dimension would be, the other part of space and it is not the clock, how can the mechanism we use to measure events and distance with motion be a part of space in the instance?

    It can not be or space is a big giant time piece where the universe wanders along on and that we do not need an experiment to know that is not true,on the one hand time...is about a measure and on the other hand it is about space, this in itself implies there are two aspects of this phenomena, i will end this philosophical part of the discussion with this,time is the canvas that holds the picture of space and the reality within.


                           On the issue of time. .. about a year ago i joined a panel of some very intelligent persons discussing this question "What is time" and after 5 years and more than 6,000 comments it is still being discussed at this writing,my first comment in this panel was this...5 years,5,000 comments and still no answer?either no one knows or no one knows how to get the answer.



                            Einstein told us matter and energy are the same thing in different forms,but he didn't actually say energy was the highest form matter can achieve,but it has been interpreted to be so,but energy is not about space and space as we know is the highest point in physics,how associate space with time and not energy?

    Because of the measured distance between points of reference,acceptable...that would make it a metaphor,there is something more to Time, we return to the graph:




                                                                      ^ ----------- ^


                                                               [---]                  [---]

                                                            within these two brackets

                                                            there is no available data

                                                               between T and Gamma

                                                               between Radio and M





                                                                   Forces of Nature

                                                                     at these points



                       Now this may seem odd to some, I understand,to clear it a little,these graphs and others are based not on energy but charge, energy, after potential and kinetic is a result,charge is the basis of all interactions of matter and this reason being,it is the way matter reconstructs itself, it is either a high state with charge or a low state as matter,energy creates no entities, it may explain them though not all, but not create them, so it cannot be the higher form of matter.


    We will end this discussion here and continue in another session

    you may reply with you own or challenge these assertions

    sharing the discussion requires approval so please ask first.