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    Michael Balmer's Notes: Radioactivity - Continuation

    Quote from Michael Balmer's Facebook Profile, Note.

    the discussion of radioactivity ended last with the Nuclear Configuration of 85Sr Strontium as a decrease in the structure resulting in the radioativity of the element/atom, I gather it has been determined the difference in 87Sr and 85Sr,tough it is difficult see from this discussion to the prior so lets illustrate:


    87Sr :

     1D1/1   1F8/8   1G8/12   1H17/20   2d2/2   2F2/1


    85Sr :


    1D1/1   1F8/8   1G8/12   1H17/18   2D2/2   2F2/1


    we notice with our point 1 : the outer expression 2F2/1 are the same

    and the point 2                 : there is a change in the inner configuration





    this means what exactly? other than a difference in the number structure because we do not know the configuration,that is not a problem and that will be covered in later discussions, it for now is just to illustrate the decrease in the atom's structure as the cause as the radioactivity as well, I assume there are a few that have developed an idea of what they see and that is impressive,so what does the configuration of 85Sr tells us?

    One thing is that it is a fission product, why? Because it cannot be a result of a decay sequence,so what else?and how would i know out of all the other Sr iosotopes in the same location which would be this one?Frequency...the two illustrations both have frequencies, the atomic frequencies by the electrons is invariant,however the nucleonic frequency has changed and with the aide of the graph we determine the level of instability and the flux outward to the outer level,we detect this as a pulse, an inverted pulse,a process of fusion capture.....i would like to say at this point that Nuclear Physics is not a game,not a fad,mistakes can cost the lives of a lot of people, places and things,the basis of the radioactivity are the isotopes and the interactions,some interactions are naturally occurring,these interactions can be charges,heat (Radiance) or pressure,below the crust of the planet,the depths of the oceans,there are a number of ways to cause materials and atoms to become radioactive,this natural process can be seen as decay,even the process of biological decay, we do not fully see this in the same manner as radioactive decay,the break down of the molecular structure as we term it as to rot,not including fully the bacterial decay unless this is researched on the quantum level, oxidation,transmutation of bonding materials, but this discussion is on nuclear radioactivity.


       Radioactivity is a simple phenomena,merely a terminology describing an action,the act of change,the act of changing on an elementry level,we will discuss the more substantial aspects of radioactivity,radiation...and how the contruct of the nuclear configuration will aid in the understanding of the upper most frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum,so further discussions will give more of the nuclear construct and more of the mathematical descriptions and the widening of the branch to hyper and other sects of the field,we will discuss the nucleus and radiation,the output of "energy" and charge and the constitute of matter in this simple introduction to Nuclear Physics,the nucleons...Protons and Neutrons and below,you will notice our virtual world will be getting smaller but with larger energy potentials.