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    Warp drive simulation by gravimetrics and Navier Stokes Smoothness and Existence

    To solve the Navier Stokes Existence and Smoothness problem and develop a technology by that you have to replace f (other forces , such as gravity or centrifugal) force in the Navier Stokes equation by vacuum and matter fields (gravitometrics). The bounded kinetic energy is a resulting force by space fields disassociating matter fields. Turbulence may be a result of quantum mechanical, non-linear wave effects. On Earth, we include tidal forces, but in space ZPE and QED.

    To workout a technology in order to use anti-gravimetrics for lifting up matter-fields (e.g. a vehicle, vessel) on Earth we can use a vacuum-field that is generated like a bubble around the matter field and apply it by neutrinos (or a tachyonic field) to control the density of the relativistic quantum vacuum.

    One principle that is used is comparable to displacement of an object with less density on water: if you consider energy as a perfect fluid and space by the gravimetrics principle (Gravity is the disassociation of space fields by matter fields, a field potential and a RESULTING force).

    The neutrinos should be able to vary the density of this "bubble", comparable to the solar neutrino and celestial bodies.


    A more technology related question is: How can we stabilize the vacuum or space field on a planet?

    I see 2 possibilities there:

    1. Looking for a natural boundary

    2. No need for stabilization at all due to a permanent generating process: the space (or vacuum) field will be switched on and off at Planck-Time. (Note: what is meant is not a vacuum tube, but a real space-vacuum!).

    We can use Lithium and Helium as Matter, respectively Energy transmitters.

    The question is now: How much energy is needed to fullfil the energy excess requirements?

    We have to calculate this by a spinor and Gittereichtheorie (Lattice gauge theory) approach?! The mathematical approach is still under investigation.

    It is possible that the excess energy we need to generate is less than previously thought by using the disassociation effect and transfering energy.

    This approach will also be used to develop a WARP drive simulation.