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    The problem is: arm yourself with mass education and you will control the masses! Free education means independent and decentralized, no force to visit schools, right to teach your own children, nature is the teacher, no grades, set free what is in someone, you cannot teach anything to anybody, you can set free what is in someone!

    The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education!

    Prof. Michio Kaku about education and science.

    Human beings are perfect in their imperfection. We would not exist without "failures" in  nature (for example errors in RNA transcription process). This is a basis of evolution. Chance and Neccesity (Jacques Monod).

    But nature is NEVER and never will be "fair-rminded". This is not in the vocabulary of nature. The universe has no purpose or intention. Life is a by-product of the universe, without evaluation, this is not a negative point of view.

    Capitalism  FAILED completely, BUT we have  not found or are not able to develop a better "system" All other alternatives are EVEN WORSE. But this does not mean that we have to uphold capitalism or not try to improve it. I see at the moment no other possibilty than altering our genetic inheritence. Some scientists said that nature even is inviting us to try and do this. The first step would be to improve our education system, by allowing free, decentralized AUTHENTIC education and information flow WITHOUT control by ANY government or ANY church or religion! This means: no force to visit schools, no grades or exams, BUT to focus on CURIOSITY and  PASSION for science!

    Nowadays, we have to keep the INTERNET  free in order to achieve this. In case that there is doubt: Arm yourself with mass education and you will control the masses!! Keep this in mind please.

    I have read that about 80 to 90  % of US citizens deny evolution theory and believe in any kind of religion or creationism respectively intelligent design! ooooops!!!