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    German Energy Politics - A disaster!

    The regenerative energy project is a disaster: solar power and wind will produce energy in summer and mainly at the northern parts of Germany, but energy is needed the most in winter and at the southern parts of Germany. Now, the government plans to build extreme-high-voltage current carriers to transport energy from the north to the south! That is embarrassing for the german energy politics!


    Moreover, climate change is NOT anthropogenic!



    They can hardly maintain a frequency of about 50 Hertz in the net, which is needed and are therfore forbidding to cut off coal plants in winter. Furthermore they had to resell current contingents at the Leipzig current exchange below manufacturing costs. Now Turkey plans to build an NPP in 2017, and  the french will maintain their NPPs, many are at the border to Germany, e.g. Cattenom.


    Cosmic Rays Climate Theory

    Image source: Viewzone http://www.viewzone.com/magnetic.weather.html

    What if Poland and Belgium, the Netherlands or Sweden/Danmark or who else are building NPPs close to Germany? If this happens, Germany has to IMPORT current contingents (during winter!).



    What to do? Everybody who follows Torsten P. Kersten knows that NPPs are not save due to LAI-coupling, a kind of an atmospheric electron-quake triggered by solar activity IN FRONT of an earthquake. But how to transform matter into energy IFNOT by nuclear fission or cole and gas plants? By Nuclear Fusion? Matter Antimatter annihilation? Or just saving current by more efficient CPUs etc?




    Not everybody knows that coal and gas mining is producing a remarkable amount of beta decay, even more in normal operating conditions than at NPPs! There are landscapes in Russia, the size of Germany, contaminated by beta decay (radiation) with the result that  babies are born with lung problems etc. or grey, snow like rain.



    We have missed to invest in technologies researched by e.g. Tesla or hot fusion. Antimatter is still not save and we know to less about it: antimatter is shielded by EM-fields. Moreover space topology is working like a partition between matter and antimatter, so that antimatter is not always annihilating with its antipartner.


    The german Bundesministerium für Forschung (Research Ministry) is missing initiatives to prevent Germany from being outpaced, but they are arguing with the Chinese for solar energy issues. Germany had the wrong promotion strategy: they promoted house owners instead of the solar power industry.



    May be the best thing is to harvest sun energy where it is produced the most: e.g. in Africa or in space! The transport problem should be solvable!


    German post: http://www.exogroup.de/die-energiepolitik-von-deutschland-ist-eine-katastrophe/