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    Nuclear Fusion and Yukawa-Coupling

    I am thinking of  the Yukawa-coupling and confinement. In QED the Yukawa potential is diminishing with the growing distance of the nucleons, and in QCD, the Yukawa potential is growing with the growing distance of the quarks (Hadrons!), but only up to a specific point, when it breaks.

    But there is a swirl function as well between the neutron and gluons by the strong force. This occurs in the nucleus only. It is about the gluons holding the quarks together.

    The current research in the Higgs boson has taught us to think in fields rather than particles.

    How can we stabilize the confinement though?

    What is done in fusion is comparable to a sun on Earth. We should be aware that the sun is doing fusion not in "empty space" but in a QED-, SuperString-vacuum.