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    Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggering

    Torsten P. Kersten:

    Quote:" ... quite impressive names of institutions....


    Forget it as soon as possible. These institutions are made to kill and help mass murderers to stay in command and power.




    I declare NASA, ESA, USGS, EMSC, Planetary Defense as criminal organisations.

    Don't believe them or in  their motivation-  they try to 'sell' you. It's only about the fact, that we ruined the balance with 2.200 nuclear weapons tests.
    And what you will see soon in these charts is only the consequence of this crime to mankind, for all lifeforms on Earth   ...

    All the billions spent for destruction and explaining us what we've done.

    There is a major tectonic shift... and it's just the beginning." Unquote


    Quote (Torsten P. Kersten):

    "Please, then let me ask, why the heck does the USGS lie about happening quakes and knocks them down? Why are the 'allies' doing the same? Why is the public kept in a sleep?

    See these documented evidences, and please be aware it is only exemplaric, the real process of mass manipulation on tectonics is infame. 

    Daily financed with our workpower on the promise to the financiers, that your children will pay it down ... after you did your slave work for them.

    The system is called 'taxes' and 'national debts'.


    They live quite comfortable ...


    Evidences in the comment box sections, liked to transparent data on my Facebook-Profile. Public for anybody.... any living soul, and hopefully for future generations to come, too.

    Because we still have got Nazis and "Arbeit macht frei"...

    They never stoped. Since Babylon and Ur.

    Baal has allways had priesthood."


    LAI Coupling: a process of charge exchange between lithosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere as described by hundreds of scientific studies and already part of USGS and NOAA's 2008 training seminars for seismic experts on remote sensing via satellites.

    Most prominent example: the tracked 'atmospheric quake' in front of the Japan M 9, published by Prof. Kosuke Heki,  of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan:

    Quote: "A tantalizing question for seismologists and atmospheric scientists is whether this high-altitude electron bump, if confirmed by other studies, is a true early-warning signal for devastating earthquakes. Geophysicist Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, who reports the suggestive buildups in a new scientific paper, thinks that it could be.


    “The claim that earthquakes are inherently unpredictable might not be true, at least for M9 [magnitude 9] class earthquakes,” Heki writes in an article accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.


    The study suggests that the total electron content, or TEC, in the ionosphere starts increasing as much as eight percent above background levels prior to massive earthquakes, with the biggest effect above the rupturing fault. The electron buildup before the Japan earthquake started 40 minutes before disaster struck.


    The time involved in retrieving and analyzing the TEC data would make it difficult to use the information as a potential earthquake warning, the researcher says. For some scientists, even the notion of an earthquake precursor is controversial. Another earthquake expert, not involved in the study, said the data is interesting and should be studied in the future, but he is not completely convinced that change in TEC is an earthquake precursor.




    Days after the devastating magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake struck Japan, Heki downloaded data from satellites that are part of the GPS Earth Observation Network.  He was interested in oscillations of the TEC when acoustic waves echo from the epicenter into the ionosphere.


    “I thought I’d see a very strong signal after this earthquake,” Heki says. “And in the course of working on that, I found something strange happened.” The TEC was higher before the expected oscillations occurred than it was after the oscillations, so he took another look at the raw data from the GPS satellites. " Unquote

    Ionospheric electron enhancement preceding
    the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
    , Geophysical Research Letters

    Comment by Torsten P. Kersten (2012): Quote: "the word 'coupling' decribes in technical language the transmission of power via an axis. every motor knows this concept and your car would only drive in one 'gear' if mankind wouldn't understand 'coupling'. so we are talking of a transmission from Ionosphere, where the cme's and hard radiation hit on the geomagnetic shielding, a buffer zone, called atmosphere (like the oil in your gearhousing) and a second 'black-box system' with it's entry at the litho (stone) sphere. The concept of how 'energy' or Solar PULSE is transmitted and exchanged between different media ... two solar proton events in that perieod btw, so we can assume that we had a quite active sun ... two Proton events within a month, this is large sunspot action ....

    data: Feb 17/2020 Feb 17/2205

    31 Feb 16/0200 X2/2B N15E48 1574

    Apr 03/1600 Apr 03/2310 45

    Solar proton event 1 happened on Feb 17th 1979 at 20:20 h, maximum level was at 22:05, the corelated cme was on Feb 16th at 02:00 UTC and it was an X 2 event from the region N 15 E 48.
    The proton flux particle count was 31 pfu @ > 10MeV. The sunspot number was 1574 event 2 only comes with the date, beginning Apr 3rd at 16:00 with a maximum at 23:10, 45 pfu@>10MeV  

    So, here you can see, that the solar activity background level was already 'hazardous' in terms of what we know about the solar tectonic coupling. To impact on earth and affect the radiation and thus the heat and pressure development in a nucleat powerplant a solar flare must have emitted on 25th to be ahead of the event at the nuclear power plant heat/pressure rise. this is the report on the the march 25th flare:


    here is the abstract:

    According to this article the march 25th flare was an X 1 event, which started at shortly before 18:00 at about W 10 N 77. If I argue with the solar impact on the nuclear catastrophes, there must have been solar action, right? Here is the evidence for this case.

    Fukushima: the solar background for Fukushima is interesting to observe. I did that online and - live -. I saw the solar proton event, triggered by an M 3 event and warned for a big one comming. I listed the potential candidates Asia Japan was on top of the list with few other locations.

    I still can not understand how NASA and USGS did not warn.

    You can look at it if you

    a.) look up the solar proton event list, posted above,

    and b.) when you observe the cme activity for the period on LASCO C 3. My tip look at it in 512 resolution first and see a larger chunk of the TIMEline. start feb 18th ... The X-ray chart showed an X event, I saved a copy .... we cannot control nuclear reactors with sudden magnetic disturbances impacting on them.

    Too many people are dead for ignoring this lesson. the pysical background for the magnetic field disturbance, released by LAIC process (Lithosphere Atmosphere Ionosphere Coupling) and the article on nuclear resonance in magnetic fields and the impact on the subatomic particle speed and spin. With altering orbits around the atom, the decay process in a nuclear powerplant will result under this conditions in increased radiation .... (heat, pressure...) as well as the interview with the japanese expert who states that the atmospheric phenomenon was tracked ahead of the earthquake. This fact is the strongest argument the HAARP conspiracy believers are talking about.

    Nevertheless, the impact was clearly a solar caused event. The tracked atmospheric phenomenon is called a co-seismic event. But the statement from the japanese expert clearly says it was in front of the earthquake and this statement matches with USGS expert statements on the LAI Coupling. The logical implication is the properties of the charged particles and their impact on the

    a.) global electromagnetic field variations (down to electromagnetic storm)

    and b.) the local magnetic field which can build up and be 'flashed' by a vortex of downstreaming particles. Like an invisible lightning, but still charge.

    The LAI Coupling describes how solar, highly charged particle storms release static upload in the lithosphere, which builds up in front of earthquakes. This process is observable with contemporary instruments and science.

    The process is regular science, published, part of the acedemic research and your government knows weeks ahead that a significant earthquake builds up and where.
    Surprise comes with deep rising magma and it's charge and impact on the magnetic and static energy field conditions along certain tectonic active areas.

    Chernobyl for instance was build exaclty on top of an randomly active fault line. (often the rivers have their beds there and water is needed for the cooling of the plant). There is already credible evidence, that Chernobyl was affected with it's accident by similar physical laws. ‎"

     --> Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere (LAI) coupling. 


    LAI coupling on a doppler radar


    LAI Coupling on a doppler radar

    The LAI model created recently, permitted to unite different groups of scientists working in different areas by the common physical mechanism which is able to explain geochemical, atmospheric, geoelectric, thermal and ionospheric anomalies observed within the time interval few weeks before the seismic shock within the area called earthquake preparation area.

    The LAI model permitted to change the approach of the modern earthquake science to the so called physical precursors of earthquakes. The LAI coupling could explain why some time ago some EM phenomena were considered as not a precursors and possibility for their use in short term earthquake prediction was doubt in great extend by the whole community.

    Recent major earthquakes rendered to us the dataset completely supporting our model. The only element which is still questioned is the triggering mechanism which will also be discussed in the present paper. " Unquote


     Quote of Torsten P. Kersten: "This chart is the centerpiece of, what they admit.":



    I will put in a note that
    explains the role the geomagnetic shielding and sun have in this game and I will show you why the northern pole hurries off it's former equinox. I will show you some more evidence: from the nuclear testing to the early subsea tectonics starting with the tests up to Mr. Obama attending the start for last journey of Endeavor and it's incredible costly instrument, a mass spectrometer calibrated in CERN and why this was more important than the wedding of a young british prince, who is befriended with the Obama family. They had their ticket for the party. I will show you how and in which big size our public perception is manipulated and why the western idustrial societies systems we believed to be ok are unjust and killing. And I show you the long term aproach of the US to this Crime.

    Starting in the second World War. In the upper picture you can see in the top right corner a picture from Sun and a coronal mass ejection. You can see a cloud wich is named 'electron density change'. You can see a flash below the lithosphere (the stone sphere) the words 'discharge' and 'Electrokinetic Microfracture'.
    There you are ... a system with charge and flash. Particle Physics. Easy to understand if I tell you the story without frills. And you should take 2.5 hours TIME and listen to the story NASA tells to a top gremia Before seeing this prensentation, you need to install microsoft silverlight, witch is done automaticly. the presentation focuses on all the anomolies in our solar system and the impacts on earth. the presentation comes from Delft University of Technologi in Holland.


    Thanks to Pamela Carr and her solar and celestial bodies watch dog group." Unquote


    Contemporary Science: LAI Coupling, earthquake precursors and prewarning possibilities

    Explanation of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling System
    Anomalous Geophysical Phenomena on the Basis of the Model of Generation of Electromagnetic
    Emission Detected Before Earthquake


    Sonnenaktiviäten und LAI-Kopplung als Ursache des Reaktorunfalls in Fukushima durch das Tohoku Erdbeben -- Ionosphärisches Epizentrum

    Further Reading:

    The strongest earthquakes prediction

    Geophysicist Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, begins one of his recent articles [1] with the following words:

    “Thousands of lives were saved by the “Large Tsunami Warning” announcements of the Japan Meteorological Agency that followed the Tohoku-Oki earthquake of 11 March 2011. A similar alert followed the Central Chile (Maule) earthquake on 27 February 2010. Understanding better how such earthquakes develop might provide even more effective early-warning systems to help mitigate their devastating power.”

    Crustal deformation causes several geophysical phenomena. Vertical deformation of boundaries between layers with different density (as between the sea floor and the base of the Earth’s crust, called by geophysicists Moho) and changes in rock density around the tectonic fault produce subtle changes in gravity. The 26 December 2004 earthquake in Sumatra-Andaman region was the first earthquake whose gravity change was detected by satellite gravimetry. The 27 February 2010 earthquake in Central Chile was the second and the 11 March 2011 earthquake in Japan is the recent one. The combination of dense detector networks in these regions and the suite of new techniques provide today a picture of earthquakes and their dynamics never before available.

    Heki`s investigations begun with his analysis of the variations of total electron content (TEC) in inonsphere over Japan during 2008. Five large earthquakes with magnitude M>6.8 occurred around the Japanese Islands between April and September 2008. Knowing that the decisive role in the ionosphere state is performed by space weather effects, his team has compared the estimated TEC values with such parameters as time series of the vertical component of the interplanetary magnetic field, UV solar radiation, and a corresponding index of the geomagnetic activity [2]. Though he was forced to conclude that it is rather difficult to find evident correlation between the observed TEC anomalies and the five large earthquakes, he was still optimistic writing:

    “Our results do not disprove the possibility of precursory phenomena but show the difficulties in identifying earthquake precursors in the ionosphere TEC on the background of TEC changes produced by space weather effects, even during solar minimum.”

    In order to collect more experience, Heki has even investigated the tracks of ballisic missiles crossing the upper layers of the Earth`s atmosphere [3], using the dense array of global positioning system (GPS) receivers over Japan to study ionospheric disturbances.
    The newest study by Heki and his group suggests that changes in the ionospheric electromagnetism could be used as a precursor for the strongest earthquakes (at least to those with magnitude larger than 8).

    Kate Ramsayer, science writer of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), describes the discovery on the AGU-blog [4]:

    “The study suggests that the total electron content, or TEC, in the ionosphere starts increasing as much as eight percent above background levels prior to massive earthquakes, with the biggest effect above the rupturing fault. The electron buildup before the Japan earthquake started 40 minutes before disaster struck.
    Days after the devastating magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake struck Japan, Heki downloaded data from satellites that are part of the GPS Earth Observation Network. He was interested in oscillations of the TEC when acoustic waves echo from the epicenter into the ionosphere.
    “I thought I’d see a very strong signal after this earthquake,” Heki says. “And in the course of working on that, I found something strange happened.” The TEC was higher before the expected oscillations occurred than it was after the oscillations, so he took another look at the raw data from the GPS satellites.
    But changes in total electron content aren’t rare, Heki says. Solar flares and other ionospheric disturbances can cause fluctuations. So he looked at TEC prior to other major earthquakes, including the 2010 Chile earthquake.
    “I saw almost the same signature as the Tohoku earthquake,” Heki says. And although there were fewer GPS stations operational during the 2004 Sumatra quake, those showed a similar TEC anomaly. Smaller quakes, around magnitude 8.0 and below, don’t appear to have the same TEC increases.
    It’s currently not feasible to use total electron content as a warning system for giant quakes, Heki says. There is a dense network of GPS satellites, especially over earthquake-prone areas like Japan, California and Indonesia, but the organization running the GPS network over Japan uploads the data once every few hours. And it takes time to analyze the data and weed out other disturbances to the total electron content like solar flares.
    The next step for researchers could be to both determine what causes a change in TEC prior to earthquakes, as well as establish additional measuring stations on the ground to monitor the electric field.”

    Naturics (being based on the Unified Physics) is able to do this next step just now and explain “what causes a change in TEC prior to earthquakes” (compare in our Hot News the point: “The next step towards our understanding of the origin of life”).
    [1] “A Tale of Two Earthquakes” by Kosuke Heki in 17 JUNE 2011 VOL 332 SCIENCE
    [2] “Vertical TEC over seismically active region during low solar activity”
    by Elvira Astafyeva, Kosuke Heki in Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics73 (2011) 1643–1652
    [3] “Ionospheric holes made by ballistic missiles from North Korea detected with a Japanese dense GPS array” by Masaru Ozeki and Kosuke Heki in Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 115, A09314, 2010
    [4] “Atmospheric electrons may act differently before megaquakes” posted 14 September 2011 by Kate Ramsayer, American Geophysical Union (AGU) science writer







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