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    Science, Education, The Standard Model and the Energy Market

    A paradigm shift is going on in many areas. We hope that people recognize the true intention of the standard model, to sustain the military and economic supremacy. e.g. in the energy markets. We need more the spirit of Ettore Majorana in the Nobel Laureate, also to change the education system. It is important that independent thinkers and institution will be promoted. The goal is to get a better balanced scientifc research.

    Current research is based mainly on the financial and technological possibilities of the mainstream institutions.

    Data are censored by NASA, USGS and others. We need better results beneath the standard model #electricuniverse #spacetopology #antimatter

    There is a political, economic and educational dilemma of society affecting #science. Things are dependent on Finance and Technology.

    Key market is the energy market. Antimatter is stable due to space topology and may be an EM-Shield. Better than coal, oil, nuclear fusion?! #string #mantle #sprite #rpm

    A neutrino may be its own antipartner. This is not compatible with the standard model. http://bit.ly/T9qKeI #doublebetadecay