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Physics does not exist but metaphysics - Metaphysics comprises physics, but there is no metaphysics without physics  -  Oliver Thewalt

The Science Network Hixgrid intends to enhance curiosity and passion for science in order to develop new  approaches ("Ansatz") in science. Members and non-members get an outside of the media and standard model (in physics) view on science. The focus is on theoretical physics, microbiology, quantum biology (e.g. cancer research), quantum computing, biophotonics and astrobiology.

Hixgrid intends to develop cutting edge science in order to seek for new, interdisicplinary theories that will extend known limits in science.

It is of significant importance that an alchemist in the sense of Isaac Newton is ahead of his time since many laws in science were carved in stone before many of us were born.

As an example, Hixgrid provided the framework to develop a new theory about the cause of gravity,  time or identified the photon as information boson (research project: photonic universe, correlation between Riemann Zeta function and atomic nuclei).

Furthermore, Hixgrid is focusing on topics such as nuclear fusion and nuclear physics, higgs-field theory, dark matter, cosmology, energy, climate change and education.

What is more dangerous: the ignorance of knowledge or the illusion of knowledge?

The only thing that interfers with my learning is my education (Albert Einstein).


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